Topsites Japan

A site that’s a list of sites about Japan.


The other day I was out at this place called the Pink Cow and I was fortunate to run into a group of web design women. One of them has this very cute website called about a family of elephants and their adventures. For example check out Zoupi’s adventures to Belgium. According to Kristen who runs the site, somebody she’d never met asked if Zoupi wanted to come to Belgium and off he went. She’s really jealous because Zoupi has been to see Belgium but she hasn’t.

Insert Credit

I found this amazing gamer’s site through a signature link from one of the active member’s of It’s called Insert Credit.

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Some friends and I have been working on another website for fun called If you get a chance check it out.

KEC Journal

KEC Journal is a Journal in English written by Kiyoharu Hatano, a Japanese guy that’s been studying English for quite some time. I wish my Japanese was 1/10th as good as his English. There’s some pretty interesting stuff there. Check it out!!! (Y)


A random news site and discussion board for foreingers in Japan. There’s some pretty funny stuff there.


Check out TokyoDV. Some guy is running a cool site with video articles about Japan.

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DCViews (Digital Camera views)

Here’s a site on Digital Cameras. The seem to carry links to info about the various digital cameras all over the net as well as digital camera news.

Cleaning the Kitchen for Dummies

What do you do when your roommates don’t clean up after themselves???? You get them a copy of Cleaning the Kitchen for Dummies!

Read more… is a site about current Japanese news. The guy who runs it has been here for 20 years!

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