It makes no sense to me how bad Japanese food is in America. Especially in L.A. and S.F. there are large enough populations of native Japanese peoples that you’d think there would be some good restaurants. Although there are some good sushi places, almost without fail anything that is not sushi in pretty craptacular. There are a few places that are okay but none have been true Japanese food.

That is until now. Wakasanchi is 100% authentic. Everything I was given was not in the least bit out of place from my experiences in Tokyo. The “Omakase” or leave it to the chef thing might be a little off putting for some but I think it’s for the best because unless you’ve lived in Japan you would not know what or how to order.

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Baja Bud’s

My favorite place for a carnitas(pork) burrito.  Baja Buds is a chain.  If you have a friend how does like Mexican food take them to Baja Buds.  Order a carnitas burrito with guac and mild salsa and have them give it a try.  If they don’t like it something’s wrong. 😉

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What can I tell you about Canters?  It’s BIG, It’s open 24 hours.  It’s much better than Jerry’s Deli.  It’s got Jewish deli like food.  Not a bad choice for that late night dining.

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Tito’s Taco’s

Me and Evan and Sakura tried this place out.  It’s on the northern Washington (there are two Washingtons right there) and Sepulevda.  There is always a line.  I’m not sure why.  We tried it out and for me it seems like bad drive in movie Mexican food.  It was cheap but I personally got a stomach ache after I ate there.  I guess I don’t understand the line.  If you want Mexican go to Alberto’s or Baja Bud’s.

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Nam Kang: The Tol Sok Bi Bim Bap place

Tol Sok Bi Bim Bap is a Korean dish that comes in a large HOT stone bowl.  So hot that the food is frying on the bowl and you have to stir it around for a while to keep it from burning.  I’m not sure what all the things are in the bowl.  Rice, some meat, some sprouts, some spinach and then you add a red hot/sweet sauce.  It’s really pretty good.

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Bangkok West

Best Thai on the west side.  They are on Santa Monica Blvd in the 600 block.  It’s probably not "authentic" but it tastes good to me.  Kind of small and the service has been lacking.  I think they need one or two more people but definitely a place to check out.

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Jerry’s Deli

See (O.C. Dining)

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NBC Seafood

(more to come)

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Hodori Restaurant: The 24 hour Korean place

It’s surprising how few 24 places there are on Los Angeles considering it is Los Angeles, one of the biggest cities int he world.  But there are a few.  This is a great one because the food is great and cheap.  It’s on the Southwest corner of Vermont and Olympic.  If you go any time around dinner there will be no parking as there are like 20 shops in that strip mall and maybe only 50 spaces.

Try the Tol Suk Bi Bim Bap or the Bulgogi for starters.

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Tapioca Express

This is my favorite Bo Ba place.  They have just the right amount of tea to milk to sugar ratio and I like the favor of their tea.  The one I usually go to is on Valley Blvd west of Garfield on the south side of the street in a strip mall.  There are at least 2 or 3 others.  They seem to be expanding rapidly.  They have like 90 different drinks as well as a few foods.  I haven’t tried many other drinks because I’m always craving my Bo Ba fix so even though I’d like to try the others it comes down to getting my fix or trying something I usually go for the fix.

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