It makes no sense to me how bad Japanese food is in America. Especially in L.A. and S.F. there are large enough populations of native Japanese peoples that you’d think there would be some good restaurants. Although there are some good sushi places, almost without fail anything that is not sushi in pretty craptacular. There are a few places that are okay but none have been true Japanese food.

That is until now. Wakasanchi is 100% authentic. Everything I was given was not in the least bit out of place from my experiences in Tokyo. The “Omakase” or leave it to the chef thing might be a little off putting for some but I think it’s for the best because unless you’ve lived in Japan you would not know what or how to order.

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Baja Bud’s

My favorite place for a carnitas(pork) burrito.  Baja Buds is a chain.  If you have a friend how does like Mexican food take them to Baja Buds.  Order a carnitas burrito with guac and mild salsa and have them give it a try.  If they don’t like it something’s wrong. ;-)

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Luna Cafe

What are the two best things about this place?  (1) It’s open till 3 or 4 am.  (2) you get crayons to draw on your paper table cover with.

The food’s just okay. Nothing to really special but it’s alot more interesting than Denny’s for that late night thing.

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This is one of those brewery restaurants where they make their own beers.  I’m not sure if the food is all that great here but I went a couple of times and the one reason I’d go back is they have this buffalo wings appetizer plate with 3 different types of wings.   It’s about $10 and they give you something like 40 wings.  Just that plate alone was enough for 4 people.  Good Stuff.

The City of Long Beach is also trying to turn downtown Long Beach into a tourist area.   They just opened a new Aquarium down in the harbor and are increasing the size of their Shoreline Village.  A seaside touristy mall.  It’s something to do.   Check it out.

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See (O.C. Dining)

The LA Houstons is at the Century City Shopping Center.

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Not to be confused with Johnnies.  You can’t eat here as it’s out of business.  Instead it’s rent out as a location for movies.  It’s on Wilshire Blvd near the LA County Museum of Art (LACMA).  It’s been in quite a few movies. Miracle Mile comes to mind

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Zen Grill

If you want a idea how small and crowed most restaurants in Japan are try this place.  Note: it is not Japanese food.  It’s basically a mix.  A few Chinese dishes, a few Vietnamese dishes, etc.  It’s pretty good but it’s always crowded.  Expect a wait.

It’s on 3rd just east of La Cienega across from Old Navy. 

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Filipino place on South

You’re going to have to ask my friend Rose about this one.  It’s good, it’s authentic, but I haven’t the slightest idea what to order nor do I remember exactly how to get there.  Assuming there is only one Tower Records in Cerritos you could look that up because it’s in the same shopping center.  One interesting dish is called Chicken with Spoon in Ass.  Just kidding.  They have a dish that is a whole small chicken cooked a really long time so it almost falls apart when you get it.  It’s delivered on a plate whole with a spoon sticking out the top which in this case is it’s bottom so I decided it should be called "Chicken with Spoon in Ass" :-)

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Le Saigon

Horray!  Vietnamese food on the west side.  Pho, Charbroiled Pork, Vietnamese style eggrolls.  Yummy.

Acutally it’s not great but it’s not bad either.  Perfect when you have a craving but you can’t make it down to Orange County.  Very inexpensive too.

On Santa Monica West of the 405 just before Barrington.


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Insomnia Cafe

On Beverly and Poinsettia.  Another coffee shop.  The point of this one seems to be that lots of screenwriters (or wannabe screenwriters) hang out here with their laptops and type their latest screen plays or movie treatments.  I just sat there and edited my webpages.  Does that make me a poser?

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