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Saving the world through technology

Okay, so that title is a little overblown but a few things are going on here. I just saw a commerical today by Sharp that has a new spin on selling LCD TVs which are somewhat popular here in Japan. The spin is it’s good for the environment. According to the commerical LCD TVs use […]

Sony’s Fake Fish

I was out in Odaiba a couple of days ago and Sony and HHStyle.com have a new Sony Style store with areas of Sony gadgets in various colors with matching furniture. The green area, the red area, the metal area. But, the creepiest thing was they had this about 20 foot high half/dome showing a […]

Virtual Reality Addiction

Lots of people have thought that if we ever prefect Virtual Reality systems, for example like the Holodeck on Star Trek, it would be more addictive than the most powerful drug. We are a long way from being able to reproduce the Holodeck or anything like it but today we do have massively multiplyer online […]

Safety in exchange for lives

My server computer is slightly mis-configured and so 50% of the time it does not automatically connect to the net. To check the connection I often go to msn.com and if it appears then I know the connection is working. Because of that I get pointers to a few items I wouldn’t normally see. Here’s […]


What a wonderful birthday this is turning out to be 🙁 The World Trade Center DESTROYED! The Pentagon on FIRE!. Another plane hijacked and crashed into something in Pennsylvania. I’m feeling like I want to hurt somebody. I hope they figure out who quickly.

Religion Chart

Recently religion has been coming up in conversation alot. Specifically Christians and it’s interesting because there are almost no Christians in Asia as far as I can tell so they all have very interesting opinions and ideas about it since they have no direct experience. For example most of the people I’ve talked to are […]

The end of web jobs as we know it

Random thoughts but I friend of mine wants a webpage making job. That’s cool, nothing wrong with that. But, I’m occured to me, just how much longer is creating webpages going to be considered *special* (ie, Job worthy) What I mean is that I envision that webpages are going to be the most common way […]

Korean Armed Service

My Korean friend, the one I went to Cheju with, told me about how awful it is to serve in the Korean Army which is manditory for all male Koreans but I didn’t understand all the implications that this article brings up. Very interesting. Note: it’s a long read and there’s a link to another […]