Flash on Crack

A friend of mine sent me a link to this way over the top Flash site for info on the amount of unused electric generated today by Tepco, the Japanese Electric company. It may take a while to load on a slow connection as it’s got some serious amount of data to download.

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Use an RSS Reader!

Some of the more net aware people probably know what a Feed Reader / Aggregator is but I know a lot of my friends that could really benefit from one, don’t. So, I thought I’d post an example for them to see.
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I see a lot of people using and I gotta say it sounds a little scary. For those of you who know, anytime you access any website the IP address of your computer is available to that website’s server. For example here’s some information about you
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Someone recently pointed out this site called which a mostly video based site about Japan. There’s also a related site, which is directed at Japanese speaking people but it’s also all video.
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Dave’s Quick Search Taskbar Toolbar Deskbar

I thought I had written about this but either way I wanted to mention it again. If you are on Windows YOU NEED TO RUN THIS SOFTWARE.

Forget the crappy google bar. This is a thousand times better.
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I signed up for last week and I’m actually liking it. is this service that started a few months ago that for $10 a month lets you listen to 20,000+ CDs of streamed music.

At first I thought that not being able to copy the music would bug me so I passed on it but the other day I saw a CD I kind of thought I wanted. It was $18 at the store but I thought about it and ended up thinking, “instead of buying this now I’m going to go home and see if it’s on” It was so I signed up for the trail. In a few moments I was listening to that CD.

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Internet Cable TV

I just got e-mail from Yahoo Japan that they have started a cable TV over internet service. I know this kind of stuff has been available in for example Singapore and probably Korea, I guess it’s even been avaiable here through Usen but I don’t think Usen has quite the penetration of Yahoo Japan. It will be interesting to see if/when this starts to become a common way to get videos/tv etc. Yahoo Japan’s service doesn’t have enough content to make me want to sign up yet but if they did I might give it a try. They want $80 to sign up and about $20 a month.

256 byte HTML Contest

There have been coding contents for a while. There are several obfuscated code contents like the C one and the perl one. There have are 64K eurodemo contests and 4K eurodemo contest and now there is the 256 byte HTML contest. Check out some of the winners. You’ll be surprised what you can do in 256 bytes. (You’ll need IE5+ for most of them)

More Internet Connections

So in Japan they recently deregulated the power companies so they can offer more than just power. The first thing they are offering is 3mbit internet service through your powerline. Pretty cool.

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