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Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!

Here in Japan there is a series of PS2 games called the Simple Series which would basically be described as low budget games. This week I guess is the first time one of those games made it to the #1 sales position. The game is called “超最速!族車キングBU” which translated I think means “Super High Speed […]

Ridge Racer for your Cellphone

One of the guys who contributed to this pointed out that you can play Ridge Racer on the newest Sharp J-SH53 cellphone. Follow this link, at the bottom, 4th or 5th button, the one that says Java when you put the point over it, click that, then directly above it click the “2” button to […]

Slot Machine Controllers for your PS2

I’ve probably mentioned this before but Pachinko is huge in Japan and the reason is is because it’s gambling. Just like slot machines in Legas. Slot Machines are also hugely popular and people take it all extremely seriously. I know people that made their living playing pachinko or slots 8+ hours a day. That’s one […]

Why I don’t play MMORGs

I saw this article on the IGDA site. “Castronova’s research indicates that 20% of survey respondents consider EverQuest’s world of Norrath their full-time home. 22% would spend all of their time there if they could. And 40% would abandon their lives on Earth altogether if Norrath were able to support them economically.”

Mario LIVE!

Check it out. Mario is running around live in Japan. Click the links below the picture to see his various whereabouts.