My friend Hiroyama-san showed me this today. Who knew you could do so much just the Windows SoundRecorder

Earth Erotica Photography

Okay, I guess this is interesting. Someone is selling pictures of natrual formations that suggest other things. My friend Willis would love this. He used to believe all, 100% of ads had some subliminal sexual image inserted. Now he could say even God does it 😉

More Random Silliness

In the vain of Hyakugojuuichi there’s Yatta!. The actual Yatta is from a comedy skit here in Japan making fun of Japanese music idols among other things. Specifically probably Morning Musume. If you think American made idols like Britany Spears or Backstreet Boys you haven’t seen anything.

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Rayspline is a small well done game in Shockwave. Go to the site above and click on the Rayspline link. To play put our cursor over the entities to lock on then press the mouse button to fire.

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Big Boy Evil Bill

Check out Big Boy Evil Bill, his buddy in the living room and that Dancing Fool.

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Odd Todd

You might find this funny. Warning: Rated R for Language

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I admit it. I laughed watching this. Especially Bush playing the bangos.

I laughed at this too.

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You know you want one of these. There’s a movie here.

All your smurf are smurf

from /usr/bin/girl I found this link to an silly take off on All your bases are belong to us. Some people have too much time.

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More Must see Animation

You’ve got to check this animation out. It KICKS ASS!!!!

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