I wasn’t much of a drinker before I came to Japan. Or rather, I wasn’t a drinker at all. From age 14 to 20 I was a Mormon and Mormon’s don’t drink as it’s considered not healthy. Even though I stopped being a Mormon around 20 the influence from those years kept me from ever getting into drinking. Except for a about 3 months when I was 25 and my new girlfriend at the time wanted me to drink with her I never go into it. That is, until I came to Japan.

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Deep fried red peppers and peanuts. Yum!
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Dim sum Chili Sauce?

I’ve ranted before about how in Japan when you go for dim sum the only sauces you get are soy sauce and Chinese mustard. In L.A. you get a kind of red chili sauce. Does anybody know what that red sauce is called or better yet can you find it being sold on the web, a specific brand name for example with a picture? I’ve decided to take matters into my own hands. If I can find the sauce, next time I go to a dim sum place in Tokyo I will bring my own sauce :-)


Does anybody know if this Xylitol stuff is for real? They have started advertising like crazy here in Japan.

According to the website, Xylitol is a kind of sugar like Sorbitol. Unlike sugar though the bacteria that eat your teeth don’t like it and so supposedly, chew gum with Xylitol in it will give you better teeth. They want you to chew quite alot too. Basically anytime you eat anything with sugar in it they claim you should chew a stick or two which they claim is like 10 sticks a day. If they could get everybody to do it that would be like $30 a month from each person at one pack a day.

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A Song about Alberto’s

Stuart sent me this link to a group that sings about Alberto’s, one of my favorite mexican fast food places.

The Future of Cookies

Check out this LLOONNGG show about making cookies that my nephew Ricky sent me.

This to me is an example of the future of entertainment. As more and more stuff gets easier and easier to pirate and as it gets easier and easier to remove all the commericals from TV (ala Replay TV) the only way ads will remain on TV is to insert them into the content.

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Would you like a green tea pie with that?

You know how at some McDonalds they always ask you if you would like an Apple Pie with your order? Well, here at First Kitchen you can now get a Maccha Azuki Pie(green tea with azuki beans) or a Chukai An, Mochi Iri(a Chinese anko paste with a mochi inside). Yumbo! Actually, they are pretty good. The idea of eating beans in as a sweet is probably kind of strange to lots of people in America but if you’ve ever been to Chinese Dim Sum and had one of those seseme seed covered balls with the white paste inside, it’s a similar kind of flavor except that An/Anko is drier and dark.

The History of Hamburgers

One of the guys at my conversation club was asking about the history of the hamburger so I looked it up and found this page.

According to it, McDonalds uses 7.5% of all the potatoes in the U.S. to make it’s fries each year. That in 1992, 17 percent of all meal transactions were Hamburgers. And, that the average American eats 3 hamburgers a week.

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Kettle Corn

Have you had your Kettle Corn today?

*Link Fixed*

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Making Bread in a Rice Cooker

I saw this program on TV where they were showing that you could make bread in a modern rice cooker. Just mix the ingredients, poor in and push the button. If I understood it correctly, the reason is works so well is that most modern Japanese rice cookers have a little computer that keeps the temperature at a constant 105 to 110 degress celsius, or about 220 to 230 fahrenheit.

According to the program that’s better for some kinds of bread than making it in an oven because an oven usually has to be hotter to get to the inside but the rice cooker keeps the whole thing at around those temperatures so the bread comes out prefect even along the edges.

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