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If you are at all interested in the Eurodemos I suggest you check out this DVD. It’s all about the demoscene. One side is all old skool stuff from the early 90s to about 97, before 3D accelerators. Some of them you probably have to be aware of the limits to computer power, about what […]

Assembly 2002

The biggest eurodemo event of the year, Assembly, is over, the demos are posted so I checked them out and you know what…..they mostly suck 🙁 Many people have complained about this. The problem is it used to be about making the computer do something you didn’t think was possible. Real time bump-mapping, real time […]

Stuff to check out

Always on the lookout for more cool Eurodemos check out A Fire Upon The Deep by mfx Eurodemo parties feature competitions not only for demos but for art, music and now flash and video as well. In the video or animation category check out Tension. Some nice imagery and music.

Trippy demos

A few interesting eurodemos back from the software only days (before 3D hardward was wide spread) that have been updated to run on Windows.

Finding god

Okay, not really. What happened is I recently wanted to play an XM file. If you don’t know what an XM file is it doesn’t matter. It’s an old music format that was popular for geeks before MP3 hit the scene. Well, the Windows Media Player and Quicktime do not play XM files. You have […]