No idea if this is any good but it seems like a good idea. It’s software that let’s you use your notebook computer as a second monitor. Of course it’s not as fast has having an actual second monitor but if you have an old notebook sitting around not doing anything it might be a great way to get some extra screen real-estate.

I didn’t have a chance to try it myself since I actually use my notebook but still it sounds like a good idea.

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The Ultimate Japanese Otaku PC Case

Last weekend I was in Akihabara and I saw this PC case!
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The One Handed Keyboard

So I’m in Akihabara waiting for a friend to get his stuff and I spy this one handed USB keyboard. I have to assume it was really made for one purpose only. 😀 Now all they need to do is make it wireless. :-p

Earthviewer 3D

You absolutely MUST SEE THIS Note: unfortunately you will need an NVidia 3D card. If to don’t have one, watch the video on this page.

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23inch Sony LCD Monitor

If you want to know what to get me for Christmas … you can get me a Sony SDM-P232W 23inch PC LCD Monitor :-) It’s got similar specs to the Apple Cinema HD Display but it’s 15% cheaper and works with a PC. 😀

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Water cooling your PC

I’d heard about people liquid cooling their PC for overclocking but I never expected to see a commerical product for it. Here’s some info in English.

Interestingly, at least here in Japan, it’s not being pushed as something to super cool your processor. It’s being pushed as something that is much more quiet than a normal cooling fan.

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Macking out your PC something there seems to be alot of in Japan. At least for the PC Otaku. In that vain I saw this case called Lubic. It’s just some metal rails you screw together and have you PC parts hang inside. :-S

Picture CDs

Yamaha is about to release a new CD burner that is not only ultra-fast but it can also burn images on the FRONT of the CD like this

That’s pretty cool!

I’m not sure which I like better. Printing to a label which can be colorful or just printing on the CD which is probably easier. All the top end Epson Ink Jet printers in Japan have a CD tray built in to them for printing directly on the CD.

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Toshiba’s Transcube

Toshiba recently introduced their Transcube. It’s a box you plug into your net connection and your cable TV or TV antenna and it gives you wireless networking in your house including sending the TV signal, digitized so you can watch TV on your computer/laptop AND it functions as an HDD video recorder like Tivo or ReplayTV. It also has a direct connection for your normal TV.

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Windows XP tips

I’ve been using Windows XP since May 1st since the computer I received at work came with it pre-installed. So far I’m mixed on it.
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