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Flickdown 2.0

I updated flickrdown for the release version of .NET 2.0 and added support for private images, tags and groups. You can download it here.


1 of the reasons I haven’t been updating my website as much as before is I’ve been spending nearly all my free time writing this software.

Javascript Sidebars

I saw this post about how to put part of your moblog on a side bar on your front page using PHP. Getting PHP to run can be trouble for some or your ISP might not support it. I also saw this link on how to get it to work using some MT plugin. That’s […]


Furl was recently recommended to me. It’s a site that lets you keep your net bookmarks online but more than that, it will keep copies of the pages for you if you want so even if the original site disappears you’ll still have the info. It also lets you share your bookmarks in various ways. […]

The Nostalgic Screensaver

I recently made a screensaver for Windows which I call the Nostalgic Screenaver. Basically it takes folder of images and displays them slowly zooming in, zooming out and panning over each image while crossfading between them. This gives the effect you often see in documentaries and biography programs where they show lots of still pictures […]

Visual Perl

For you programmers out there, just in case you didn’t know Activestate, the guys that make the perl for Windows, have released Visual Perl. It’s a version of perl that integrates with Visual Studio .NET giving you, among other things, a graphical debugger for perl!!!! It also has a Regular Expression toolkit that I think […]

Euro Demos

The year’s most famous eurodemo party, the assembly party, happened recently and as usual I checked out the winners. Maybe they aren’t as cool as in years past when we didn’t all have GEForce cards but they still often manage to impress me. In the 4K catagory check out Motion sickness, Paridisio, They ran fine […]