Portable Gas Station

This week, twice, I’ve seen for the first time a portable gas station. Basically a gas tanker truck driving around the neighborhood with a song and a loud speaker like an ice cream truck with a gas pump nozzle on the back of the truck. If you want gas you flag him down and he’ll pull up to your garage/parking space and fill up your vehicle.

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The Mini is still going strong.


I’m watching Tonight-2 and they are showing the Tokyo Car Show which is currently going on. They of course are showing some of the concept cars. One interesting ideas it the POD.

What makes it interesting is not it’s looks but it’s features. For example all 4 doors open automatically and slide out in opposite direction giving the most room for getting in.

The seats automatically turn themselves to make it easy to get in. And can turn for 4 person conversation.

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You guys in America have the New Beetle but you don’t have the New Beetle RSI or the VW Lupo

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Mood Cars

Cars that sense your Mood

Cute Cars

These cars are super cute I think. They only carry two people but I’d like to give one a try. I wonder if they feel safe, especially on the freeway.

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