Adult Toys

Along with the theme of you never know what you’ll find in Japan….

Japan has this subculture of small toys you get out of gumball machines.  Lots of people collect them and they have thousands of  kinds.

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Gay Teen Comics

I was on the homepage for Messe Sanoh which is a chain of stores about manga, pc games and video games. In particular I was looking for their Chaos Shop which is a store that carries import video games. I want my own copy of GTA3. The one I played I borrowed from a friend.

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Gundam Furniture

I know there are some crazy Gundam fans out there but do they have to go this far?

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One Piece

I recently started watching “One Piece”. It’s a kids anime show. We met some kids from Northern Japan at school and I asked one to recommend something and he said “One Piece” so I finally got around to watching it. I was addicted almost immediately. It’s about a young adult (I think he’s between 18 and 22) and he wants to be the world’s greatest pirate. To him a pirate adventures the world and seeks treasure. He’s not into plundering and stealing (though some of the other pirates in the store are). But, he’s made of rubber. It’s a long story how he got turned into a rubber human but you’ll just have to take my word for it it’s really really funny and nearly all the characters are over the top in some weird and wacky way.

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