A couple of weeks ago I decided to try to make some splash pages for my website. The results are now up. The splash image should change about once a week. If you hate splash pages, well, post a comment and maybe I’ll either (1) get rid of them or (2) add a special URL so you can skip it.

  • MrsRedDave
    Splash ???

    What is it? If it is that interesting photo when you open your web page, I like it alot. It is pretty cool.

    Tami =)~

  • Ev
    nice, but…

    I like it. It's a good picture and looks nice, but it's too big for my window. My resolution is 1024×768 and Sakura like to have a favorites bar open on the side of the browser, so I end up with some of the picture running off the side and bottom.

  • greggman
    Too big

    I designed for 1024×768 but without the favorites.

    It's hard to decide how big to make them since really the browsers can be any size depending on if you have big icons, small icons, with or without captions, the address bar, the link bar, the radio bar, etc plus the favorites bar can be any size so, I'm not sure what to do. Should I re-design them all for 800×600? Basically I looked at a bunch of other personal pages and most of them seem designed for 1024×768 with no favorites so I picked a size and went with it.

  • greggman
  • r5
    Give us the choice

    If you provide a URL to let folks skip the splash pages then we can decide whether to look at them; nice though they are. 😉

  • kongorilla

    One cool thing about Internet Explorer 6 is that it resizes pics to fit inside their window. Maybe you won't have to worry about resolution after a while (if/when most people have upgraded).

  • greggman
    One Splash

    If you have cookies on (which most of you probably do) then the splash page will only ever show up one time each time it changes.

    Maybe that remove the whole point of a splash page?

  • greggman
    IE6 resizing

    My understanding is that that feature only works if you view an image directly vs viewing a page with an image on it.

    In fact, I modified my website about 2 months ago so all the images that used to be displayed just as the image (like say for example the second picture on my hakone page) are now displayed in a page specifically so they don't get scaled by IE6. It's a way cool feature of IE6 for most situations (looking at personal digital camera pictures) but in my case if the image was bigger than the screen I wanted it to be bigger than the screen for scrolling around like a panorama. If I didn't put them on a page IE6 would resize them to fit the window and unless the user knew better they'd have no idea they were meant to be viewed larger.

    I can't make the splash pages just images because then you couldn't click to get the headlines and also, some of the images are cut up so one place that needs low-compression can be separated from the rest of the highly compressed areas.

    Good idea though 😉