Spiderman 2

I got to see a preview screening of Spiderman 2 today. AWESOME! In fact I’d say it’s by far the best superhero movie yet. I definately recommend it!

  • sammyjojo

    What!? How did you get to see it so early? My friend who work at a movie theater, hasn’t even been able to see it yet (in the us btw). That’s one of the movies that I can’t wait to see 🙂

  • Did you see the first Spider-man as well?

    Did you see X-men 2? Compare contrast!

  • 1 vs 2 vs X-2

    Spiderman 1 was super fun for me but there was something that made it not great.  Probably the climax was anti-climactic for me and the Green Goblin with that mask with no expression was not so great but the presentation of being spiderman and swing around the city on webs really made it all work.

    XMen-2 I didn’t like so much.  It was also fun but the story and situations were pretty lame, the pacing was bad, it was a typical poorly written hollywood action movie with too much unexplainable conincidences etc.  It was awesome because it was the X-Men and it felt good to see these cool characters on the screen but the rest was pretty weak.  I’d have to watch it again to give specifics but I remember it jumping around, seeming to go on forever, one thing after another after another.  I also remember being disappointed in Jean Grey’s death because it made no sense.  If she could stop the water and lift the ship why couldn’t she keep stopping the water?  And then after they killed her they copped out with the underwater butterfly thing “oh, maybe she’s not really dead” crap.

    Spiderman 2 has all the fun of Spiderman 1 but a slightly better story. The climax isn’t all that much more than 1 but for some reason it felt better to me.

    As for how, Japan has a marvel fan club and they had a contest for pre-screening tickets.  I got lucky and won a pass for 2.

  • anonnanana
    I got lucky and won a pass for 2

    “I got lucky and won a pass for 2”

    WHAT!!????  And you didn’t take ME?!!

    As Lupo the Butcher used to say…”Sheet for head! Son of beach!  I gon keel you!”

    – anonnanana

  • The Jean Grey thing in X-Men is smiliar to what happens in the comic books if I remember right.  She comes back as Phoenix and all that rot.  Long story.  The Xmen movies jump around a lot because they are trying to follow the comic story, but the comic story developed after months and months of books… years and years even!  So they’re flying around grabbing bits and pieces of it allt he time. 

    I loved Xmen2 though.  It was really cool.  The old Xmen cartoons that were on Fox were great as well.