I'm in love with Tantan-men and this is a good place to get it.

This place has about eight kinds of tantan-men. brown soup tantan-men, white soup tantan-men, no soup tantan-men, with pork or with beef.  It's all good!

It's run by the Kiwa Group just like Wan-Zhu-Ji so many of the side dishes taste the same. That's not a bad think at all though.

At the moment I could eat tantan-men several times a week so it comes as no surprise that I would give this place a 4.  If you're a tantan-men or spice food fan then give it a try.  It's just about 3 or 4 minutes from Roppongi station across the street from Roppongi Hills.

  • daifous
    Traditional Szechuan cuisine

    but in Japan I think it must be a derived version 🙂


  • You are probably right but even in Tokyo there two major kinds.  Japanese Tantan-men which sucks and Chinese Tantan-men which rules.  The place above serves Chinese tantan-men as far as I can tell.  Whether it’s as good as tantan-men from China I don’t know but it’s run and made by Chinese people that don’t speak Japanese very well which I take as a good sign that it’s probably pretty close 🙂

  • Andrea
    thanks gregg!

    I was there last night for the first time and it was a great “noodle experience” (^_^) i went there with a friend and we ordered shirogoma tantanmen and tontama tantanmen, it was all uuumai! have to try the other dishes, btw, i wonder how’s ramen. ciao!

  • yuki

    I went to the one in Meguro. (It’s on Meguro-dori and it’s much smaller than the one in Roppongi.)

    I knew it was there but it is so close to my house that I never really had a chance to try it. But yesterday I went there with a friend. It was yummy! I had a Kurogoma-tantanmen and my friend had a Mongolian(?) lamb tantanmen. Actually, I liked the mongolian one better 😛 Roppongi yori oishii kiga shita.. tabun kinosei.