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It looks like it’s finally moved. I’ve turned comments and the forum back on. I’ll cross my fingers things are all working again.

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  • JulianUrteaga26yearsold
    Mc Kids

    I came across because yesterday I just got my NES-feeling back to me again, and I played my old Mc Kids cartridge and then I realized that in order to get to PuzzleWorld (a thing I never could do before) I could search for some tips and cheats on the net… Then googling I just got into your page and now I’m writing this to you:

    It IS a really a great game, even today, it still looks gorgeus on my TV, and surely you shoud be proud for creating such piece of art. Maybe McDonald’s didn’t care too much about it but gamers over the world consider it sort of a cult game.

    So, it’s nice to have read the story of this game and it’s nice to tell you my opinion about it; good luck!