Seoul Garden

This is also a Korean BBQ.  It’s much newer looking than Picnic Garden.  It’s a toss up which is better.  Some people like one and some people prefer the other.   It’s also $8 for lunch but drinks are separate.

Directions: From the 5 take Red Hill north.  Past the 1st light on the right is a shopping center.  It’s in there behind the Del Taco.

  • Another great Korean place on Red Hill

    Exit the 5 just like you’re going to Seoul Garden, but go south instead of north on Red Hill.  After 1/3 mile you’ll see a Korean supermarket on the right side of the street.  Turn in and park there.  Enter the food court to the left of the supermarket.

    At the north end of the food court is a GREAT Korean takeout place.  Limited seating, no ambience, but very cheap, very clean, very good.  Recommended by my best friend from high school, who is Korean-American (but speaks about as much Korean as I do).

  • ally

    the prices have increased :\\