Popup Ads, Pop Behind Ads. Good or Evil? (part 1)

Popup ads and pop behind ads. I thought they were universally loathed. They have been the topic of quite a few comedy sketches. A few famous ones are the Dave Chappelle skit about a world where popups appear in real life. Conan O’Brian’s staff trip to India which starts off with them and another I remember off the top of my head is Interfection from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

So, my question to you is. Do you hate popups and pop behind ads? Are they bad or do you care?

  • oh. popups are absolutely ‘orrible.

    I remember surfing (illegal) mp3 download sites years ago when I was an impressionable youngster and trying to close all the porn popups before the parents walked in =_=

    But now that I use Opera I haven’t encountered any popup ads at all!

    I love my Opera <3

  • uk_designer_matt
    Hate them

    Yes, I hate them – especially the pop behind adverts as you feel like you have been tricked or lost control of your machine. I never asked for it to be there and it could have been open for a long time. They should be banned. Popups aren’t as bad, but still annoying and thankfully I haven’t come across a site that uses them extensively recently or keeps opening them when you close one.

  • Yes I hate them. I really hate them so much : banners, pop ups,unders…whatever is a waste of time.

  • anonnymussed
    depends on …

    I dislike pop-ups in general, but it depends on the use. Pop unders are tolerable. Pop UPS that happen only ONCE when you enter a site and then don’t show up again for 24hrs are tolerable.

    Popups on EVERY refresh of a page, or multiple popups, is really bad (thankfully I have Firefox popupblocker stopping those).

    But the absolute most annoying and angrifying (yes that’s a word 😀 ) are the animated “takeover” ads that appear on top of an article and require you to find close button. Those just piss me off.