Poke in the I

I recently saw this cool book which I bought called "Poke in the I" which is a collection of *concrete* poems.  What’s that supposed to mean?  Well it means that the poems are not only about what they say but how they are laid out on the page.  Below are some examples

Here’s one called "Tennis Anyone?" by Monica Kulling
(used without permission)

Tennis is a
game I could watch
for hours but my
neck won’t let me

Here’s another called "Popsicle" by Joan Bransfield Graham
(used without permission)

Anyway, if you find them cool then get the book 😉

  • tonebyte
    Re: Poke in Concrete

    Those poems sound fun.

    I think they are using the word concrete here much like the term Musique Concrete was used around 1950 to describe music that was formed by using electronic gadgets. The initial goal in making this kind of music was more focused on the experimentation with actual sound that these gadgets made (in their concrete form) rather than using the gadgets to create music based on traditional music structure. Hybrid forms of traditional music structure and musique concrete methods soon followed and are still with us today.

    This link has info on this history:


  • MonicaKulling
    “Tennis, Anyone?”

    Why are you using my poem, “Tennis, Anyone?” without my permission?

    Just curious.

    Monica Kulling