Picnic Garden

This is a Korean Style BBQ and it’s all you can eat.  At lunch time on a weekday it’s only 8$ and that includes soft drinks.  At a Korean BBQ you cook the food on a grill at your table.  Since this is all you can eat they’ve got bars (similar to salad bars) except they have lots of raw and seasoned meats.  There are sauces in the back as well as ready to eat foods like eggrolls and fries.

One tip: Wait for the grill to get good and hot.  If you put the cold meat on it before it’s hot the grill will never get hot.

Directions: Take Euclid north from the 405.  They are on the Northeast corner of Euclid and the first street past Mile Square Park.

  • anon_Fana
    I disagree

    Ive been to Picnic Garden A  couple times, first in 2000 it was so-so then last Dec. it was totally gross, dirty, fly’s buzzing around the raw meats. Grosssss!! Try Emarlad Buffett in Cerritos its 100% better Korean BBQ

  • anon_Bob

    I like to stir the cole slaw with my bonner. Sometimes I like the lay naked in the meat section.

  • BooHa
    You have it all wrong

    Its much better to put your boner in the raw meat and lay in the cole slaw

  • Dragon
    it was very clean

    I went there last Sunday, it was very clean, I did not see any fly. The Oster is very good and fresh, teh Korean vegetabel (Kim Ji) is great. The chicken and pork are good but the famous krean beef is not so good.