Personal Kaiten Sushi

You want kaitenzushi but you don’t want to go out? Just pick up this “Family Kaitenzushi” toy from Bandai. I saw it at Toys-R-Us for under 4000yen ($35)

You know you want it!

If they made them so they connected like legos so you could make one any size and shape, now that would RULE! :-p

  • Man, that’s cool. I have to get one of those!

    When I first went to Nippon for the World Cup last summer, we ate Kaiten almsost every day, and it’s very resonable. I mean, I’m sort of a pig, so it takes me 11 or 12 of those plates before I’m satisfied. Here in SF, that cost me about $35. In Japan, it was around $15. Whoa!


  • Takahiro
    In this context,

    I suppose ‘個人な’ is not correct to use.  Possibly ‘個人向け’ or ‘個人用’ could have been more suitable.  If you don’t mind using the word which does not mean ‘personal’, I would recommend you use the word ‘家庭用’ (for family).  

    Somehow we use ‘家庭用’ for ‘personal use’ (e.g. 「家庭用コンピュータ」)

    I hope it’ll be helpful.

  • 直してくれて有り難う!そうですね。今読むと書いたとき何を考えたか覚えてないけど、確かに「個人な~」変のような気がする。

  • thomas

    Hi, how can i get hold of this set of kaiten in Singapore?