Orange County is not White

Anytime you hear someone say Orange County is White bread or some other thing claiming it’s scared of non-whites know that you are listening to a LIAR

O.C. is less white than San Francisco. O.C. is only 27% white. Even Irvine which gets dissed all the time as being white only is 41% white.

So FUCK OFF HATERS! Quit using O.C. to justify your close minded B.S.

How much longer will most unskilled jobs exist?

This is totally off the wall but a link on Hacker News about leaving at 5pm and a response to that link got me wondering, just how much longer will most unskilled jobs continue to exist.

For example, how much longer is the job of convenience store clerk even going to exist? Already most major supermarkets have self-serve checkout lines. Could a convenience store just have self service checkout? Of course there is the issue of security. Who’s to prevent people from just walking out with the goods. But let’s go a little further. (more…)


I sometimes wish I was the type of person that loved every movie they watch. I know some people like that. But sadly that’s not me. That doesn’t mean I don’t like bad movies. There are plenty of movies that most people find awful that I love. But generally I know the movie is bad, I’m just getting something else out of it. Sometimes it’s that the movie was meant to be bad like anything from Troma. Other times it might be the genre. For example ridiculous corny dialog might be perfect for an action movie but not for a drama. Another is probably how serious the movie takes it self. An action movie like Death Race doesn’t take itself seriously where as an action movie like Terminator 4 does and therefore gets a judged in a different light.

I don’t know what the point of that last paragraph was. Ultimately I guess it is meant to say that while I like movies all over the spectrum (i.e, I’m not a movie snob) I’m still pretty picky about what movies I like.

I didn’t like Tron:Legacy at all. Here’s why (more…)

The Myth of the Lack of Japanese Creativity

There’s this meme that’s been going on since at least the 80s that the Japanese are not very creative. I’ll be honest, I used to believe this myself. For example as an outsider, it seemed like all the anime characters have big eyes and blue hair and there are so many characters that look like clones of characters from other anime. The 3 to 5 “sailor girl” super hero troupes, Sailormoon being the most famous but there are plenty of clones. The multiple Mecha characters from Gundam to Mazinger-Z or Patlabor. I’m sure there are other examples of things that seem copied from other cultures as well.

The truth is the Japanese are massively creative. Whether they are more or less creative than other cultures I have no data but there is no valid reason I know of for the myth that the Japanese are not that creative. (more…)

Mind Over Money

I started watching the Nova episode called Mind Over Money. I generally like Nova but this episode was far below their normal standards.

The episode is supposed to be about the idea that traditional economists base their calculations on “rational people”. They claim stuff like people are supposedly perfectly rational when it comes to money and will never pay more for something than it’s actually worth. They then go on to give several massively convoluted examples. They say things like “people take their the interest rate of their retirement plan into account on every purchase” or something like that. They’re basically claiming things no economist has ever claimed. (more…)

Conversion to WordPress, Epic Fail!

So I moved this blog to WordPress because I didn’t want to write spam moderation code for my old site code. That part works, I can now moderate spam comments before they get posted, something I couldn’t do with my old site.

But………………….My old site got 10-20 spam comments a week. My WordPress site gets 500 A DAY!!!! At first I was using the wp-reCaptcha plugin. It was catching the spam but after I noticed no comments for a couple of weeks I realized it was just marking everything as spam which suggests it wasn’t actually working. I use the Akismet plugin as well and I think that’s what’s marking the spam which in truth means the wp-recaptcha plugin wasn’t working at all. That meant I had to scan through 500 spam messages a day to find 2 or 3 false positives. That’s un-workable.

So, I recently installed wp-spamfree plugin which kind of takes some of the tactics my old site did. It’s doing better than wp-reCaptcha in that now only 100 spams make it into my moderation que but I still have to go through them for the 2 or 3 false positives everyday. That’s still un-workable.

I don’t know what to do at this point. Maybe there’s another plugin. Maybe I should right my own although if I go that route I’ve hardly gained anything by switching to wordpress.

Spammers fucking suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!