Adult Story #3

I’m not sure this is really an “adult” story and the names have been changed even though anyone who this story might affect already knows this story

Once upon a time, I think in February 2003 I was living in Tokyo.

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IP rights discussion

Just hoping to get some other points of view.

The Slashdot crowd and similar people like to call IP Imaginary Property to try to point out that there is no such thing and therefore it shouldn’t be treated like property. They like to point out that copying some music or a movie or software isn’t like stealing because the person who it was copied from has not lost their original

Well, playing devil’s advocate…

Money is effectively a fiction. It’s just a number in a computer database. When your employer pays you they don’t send physical money to the bank. They just tell the bank to subtract from their account number and add to your account number. It’s all virtual.

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The Parable of the Talents

I started reading a new book, the Mind of the Market, and so far I’ve only read the first chapter but during that time the parable of the talents came up.
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Visiting Tokyo

In the beginning of October I spent 10 days in Tokyo.

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TED Talks

It seems maybe I’m the last to know but I just found out about TED Talks. TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is apparently a conference bringing together people from all different disciplines to share their ideas and inspire each other.

Those talks are available online at and they extremely inspiring. They are each only allowed to be up to 20 minutes so they are very easy to watch or listen to. So far of the ones I’ve watched these were the most inspiring for me.

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I found out about this site called who is trying to make it easier to opt out of receiving catalogs in the mail. According to them more than 19 BILLION catalogs are mailed out each year. I know that I rarely want the catalogs I get in the mail. Some companiese are particularly agressive and send a new catalog every 2 weeks. I even get catalogs for about 6 previous tenants.

If you are getting catalogs you don’t want here’s a very simple way to cancel them.

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How I ate Shanghai.

I was really incredibly lucky. I was going to Tokyo and decided I should also go somewhere I hadn’t been while I was out. I was deciding between Taiwan and Shanghai and invited my friend Alan and we settled on Shanghai because it just seemed a little more exotic than Taiwan. I just pretty much randomly picked to go first week in October but it turned out Alan was between semesters for his school so he had that week off and it was also golden week for China and most people are off that week. That included my friend Dennis who recently moved to Shanghai and so Dennis showed us around the entire time.

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A Very Happy Birthday to Me!

Sometimes it seems like I’m the luckiest guy on the planet.

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Pain in the Tooth

So I went to the dentist last week. The last time I went was only 7 months ago, just before I left Japan but about 2 months ago I had a couple of episodes where something got caught in my teeth in the back and it hurt pretty bad. It would pop out and feel better but then a week or so later something would get in there again. Finally it happened once where it hurt a lot and when I brush in the area there was a lot of blood. My toothbrush came out completely red. I though maybe a filling and fallen out or something so I made a quick dentist appointment.

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Shanghai bound

So I’ve decided to visit Shanghai. I’ll only be there a few days. I get in Sunday September 30th and leave on October 4th. That basically gives me 4 nights and 3 days.

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