Kushiya Monogatari

Do it yourself fried food!

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who needs gold?

Encouraging your Children

You never know the kind of things people will think up. The other day I was walking through Toys R Us in Odiaba and I found this
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Hello Kitty TP

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"low" is the name of a small cafe / d.j bar in Aoyama.

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So I have some interesting news. I went Snowboarding last Friday. My first time. I fell and fell and fell and then I fell some more and then I had lunch. Then after lunch I went out and I fell some more and some more and then again I fell some more. You get the idea.

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In America we have the famous after Christmas sales.  In Japan, as the biggest holiday of the year is New Year’s Day they have after New Year’s sales or Hatsu-uri, literally "first sale".  But on top of that, one of the big traditions during this time is the tradition of Fukubukuro pronounced foo-koo-boo-koo-row.  Fuku means surprise, bukuro means bag.  In English we would call them "gab bags"

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Looking for good Italian food in Tokyo?  My friends Pat and Austin introduced me to Salvatore

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cherries under the bridge.


The other day I was out at this place called the Pink Cow and I was fortunate to run into a group of web design women. One of them has this very cute website called about a family of elephants and their adventures. For example check out Zoupi’s adventures to Belgium. According to Kristen who runs the site, somebody she’d never met asked if Zoupi wanted to come to Belgium and off he went. She’s really jealous because Zoupi has been to see Belgium but she hasn’t.

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