Copenhagen Notes

Notes to myself about Copenhagen

I’m not sure what I expected visiting all these Northern European countries but it’s interesting how they are all similar and yet all distinct. I guess that’s the same as any cities but they’re more distinct than say 2 US cities which generally have more similar cultures.


Berlin Notes


So far I like Berlin a lot. I can’t really put my finger on why? Maybe the other cities seemed too clean? Not like there is such a thing as too clean but I guess by that I mean I felt like people had to conform more in Stockholm and Belgium? That probably makes no sense to the people that live there. (more…)

Brugge Notes

Brugge is about an hour and a half from either Antwerp or Brussels. It’s a great day trip. Head over to Brugge around 10, have lunch over there. Walk around, have some dessert, then head back. There’s trains from the central stations of either city and they head directly there. No need to switch trains. (more…)

Brussels Notes

Notes to self on Brussels

As I have a friend living in Brussels and it’s only an hour by train from Antwerp I checked it out. Brussels feels quite a lot bigger than Antwerp. It also feels very different, probably because it’s more French than Dutch influenced. Brussels is one of the centers for the EU which I’m sure makes them proud. (more…)

Antwerp Notes

Some notes to myself on Antwerp.

Honestly although I’m sure I’d heard the name before I don’t think I’d ever really thought about Antwerp. When I mentioned to a friend I was visiting Europe she invited me to her wedding party in Antwerp so I headed on over.

Antwerp is a pretty nice place to visit for a few days. It’s relatively small. You can pretty much walk all of it with no transportation although there are trams, subways, and busses if you’d prefer not to walk too far. (more…)


I watched this fascinating documentary

and the other 6 parts. PS: DON’T SHOOT THE MESSENGER. I’m reporting what the documentary said not what I said.

Apparently in Norway the government equality programs define success as equal outcomes. In other words, until 50% of computer programmers are women the government equality programs are failing. According to the program though it’s possible that’s an unrealistic goal because men and women, on average, may be *born* with different interests. It’s possible the best you can hope for is maybe 20% women engineers or less. The point being they maybe they should strive for equal opportunities not equal outcomes. (more…)

How much does your commute cost?

Apparently there’s an app that simulates a taxi meter to give you an idea how of how much your driving is costing. It’s also apparently missing lots of data. For example are you in traffic or going 70. Are you driving recklessly or conservatively. But, it got me thinking it could I calculate my own costs. (more…)

Living out of a Suitcase

Like I mentioned before I got rid of my apartment, sold all my furniture, gave away all of my clothing except for enough to fill a suitcase, and decided to travel indefinitely until I figure out what to do next. Indefinitely could be 1 month or it could be a year or more. Basically I thought I’d keep doing this until I figured out what to do next or ran out of money. I hope it’s the former. (more…)