Hunger Games: Catching Fire

I didn’t like this movie and it is apparently highly rated. This bugs me a little. I feel like either ( a ) people have no taste anymore ( b ) the high ratings are manufactured ( c ) I’m old

I don’t accept ( c ) as I’ve almost always disliked movies with huge issues. ( b ) is possible and if true I feel like there’s a secondary problem which is that people don’t think for themselves. They see it’s considered good and want to feel cool/hip/in the know so they go along with the crowd. This is for example how I feel about many SF restaurants whose food is not that great but people want to say “I went to hipster restaurant XYZ and I’m cool because I like it too”. Yes I realize they might actually like it. Whether that’s because they haven’t had better or because it matches their taste and not mine is another issue.

Then there’s ( a ). I tend to believe ( a ) or maybe people never had taste haha. I guess I want to believe people didn’t used to highly rate bad movies as much. Maybe I’d have to go back and check. (more…)

Stupid Me Yet Again


Yea, I’m upset and I know it’s stupid. I met a girl last year way out of my league. I know I shouldn’t say that but it’s a shortcut for she’s super hot and knows it and is probably used to a certain type of manly guy that I’m not. Someone who is an aggressive type A guy where as I’m mostly a “nice guy” geek. (more…)

We should NOT celebrate Columbus Day

Reference: Columbus Day

Jill: “TIL Columbus didn’t discover America nor did he or anyone else at the time think the world was flat. He was an awful awful man. He tortured people, raped and sold little girls, and directed the killing of thousands of people.”

John: “So?”

Jill: “So we should probably stop celebrating Columbus Day and maybe consider renaming Columbus Avenue in San Francisco back to Montgomery Street.”

John: “But it’s tradition. I remember learning ‘In 1492 Columbus sailed the ocean blue'”

Jill: “Actually the holiday is only from 1930s and the street had its name changed in 1909”

John: “Seems silly to rename them now”

Jill: “What if it they were Hilter Day and Hitler Avenue?”

Season 5 of Breaking Bad Sucks

I wasn’t the huge fan of Breaking Bad. I watched but had issues with it. Jessie’s repeated bad luck rubbed me as unbelievable for example. The airplane accident had no point. Tons of things happened because people didn’t talk which is a huge cliché

But, overall, it was fun to watch and seemed to make internal sense. That is until Season 5. (more…)

Copenhagen Notes

Notes to myself about Copenhagen

I’m not sure what I expected visiting all these Northern European countries but it’s interesting how they are all similar and yet all distinct. I guess that’s the same as any cities but they’re more distinct than say 2 US cities which generally have more similar cultures.


Berlin Notes


So far I like Berlin a lot. I can’t really put my finger on why? Maybe the other cities seemed too clean? Not like there is such a thing as too clean but I guess by that I mean I felt like people had to conform more in Stockholm and Belgium? That probably makes no sense to the people that live there. (more…)

Brugge Notes

Brugge is about an hour and a half from either Antwerp or Brussels. It’s a great day trip. Head over to Brugge around 10, have lunch over there. Walk around, have some dessert, then head back. There’s trains from the central stations of either city and they head directly there. No need to switch trains. (more…)

Brussels Notes

Notes to self on Brussels

As I have a friend living in Brussels and it’s only an hour by train from Antwerp I checked it out. Brussels feels quite a lot bigger than Antwerp. It also feels very different, probably because it’s more French than Dutch influenced. Brussels is one of the centers for the EU which I’m sure makes them proud. (more…)

Antwerp Notes

Some notes to myself on Antwerp.

Honestly although I’m sure I’d heard the name before I don’t think I’d ever really thought about Antwerp. When I mentioned to a friend I was visiting Europe she invited me to her wedding party in Antwerp so I headed on over.

Antwerp is a pretty nice place to visit for a few days. It’s relatively small. You can pretty much walk all of it with no transportation although there are trams, subways, and busses if you’d prefer not to walk too far. (more…)