Journal Standard

The Journal Standard is a chain of ultra expensive trendy clothing stores in Japan. There's actually quite a few of these kinds of chains. Beams, United Arrows, etc.

The Journal Standard in Shinjuku has reasonably priced cafe.


CSS Challenge

Ever since I added a little CSS to my site many of my pages no longer work correctly. Every 2 or 3 months I get the itch to try to fix them but I never seem to be able to find a solution that actually works leading me to conclude either (1) CSS just doesn’t really work for anything but really basic layouts or (2) I really don’t know CSS well enough. It’s probably more (2) but I tend to believe (1). (3) would be that my site layout sucks but lets skip that option for now.

So, here is a challenge for all your CSS advocates. Can you make my site work in CSS? Note: You don’t have to reproduce the entire site or even individual pages, you just need to send me some HTML + CSS that duplicates the basic design decisions of this site. (more…)

3 Megapixels

Well, it’s only been 6 months and right on schedule the new summer phones are starting to appear. My 2 megapixel model has been upgraded to 3.2 megapixels. Of course that will mean my 2 megapixel phone will be blown out this month for 1 yen. It’s still going to be another 1 or 2 models before I’ll have no desire for a small party digital camera but we’re getting there.

What is a CCCD?

This has been all over the net for the last year or so but a few music companies have started this complelely stupid thing called CCCD

What are they? They are “Copy Controlled Compact Discs”. That means you can’t play them except on basic CD players. No computers, no DVD-players, no car navigation systems, no PDAs, no iPods, no MP3 players.


Cutie Honey

Cutie Honey the movie RULES!.

I went to see Cutie Honey today as a friend had recommended it. I went with no expectations and was totally blown away. One of the best Japanese live action comedy movies I’ve ever seen.

Cutie Honey is a very famous Japanese Anime character from quite a while back. I believe a few animated movies based on her have made it to the states but not much of the original series.