Back from LA

I just got back from a week in Los Angeles. It was great! I hadn’t been back in 2 1/2 years so I got to catch up with some family and friends.

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No idea if this is any good but it seems like a good idea. It’s software that let’s you use your notebook computer as a second monitor. Of course it’s not as fast has having an actual second monitor but if you have an old notebook sitting around not doing anything it might be a great way to get some extra screen real-estate.

I didn’t have a chance to try it myself since I actually use my notebook but still it sounds like a good idea.

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Carne Station

Need a cheap meat fix?  Try Carne Station

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I see the light

I’m in the wrong line of business

I was on today and I have quite a few architecture books in my wish list. Amazon has this feature where based on what you just clicked on, what’s in your shopping cart and what’s in your wish list they recommend things you might be interested in. So it was that they recommended this book called Tokyo Houses. But, just recently they added a new feature which gives you weblinks they think you might be interested in based on the item you are currently looking at. The links that came up are as follows: Read more…


Japanese Input on Windows XP

Here is how to setup Japanese in Windows XP including handwritten kanji recognition.

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OGO Ono-Loa Hawaii

My friend Eric told me there was a Hawaiian restaurant near his place he had walked by many times and wanted to try.  We both expected it would be the typical ""Hawaiian"" restaurant with basically some Hawaiian motif and pineapple in the dishes but it turned out it was REAL HAWAIIAN!!!!  KICK ASS!!!

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Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!

Here in Japan there is a series of PS2 games called the Simple Series which would basically be described as low budget games.

This week I guess is the first time one of those games made it to the #1 sales position. The game is called “超最速!族車キングBU” which translated I think means “Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!” which features this screen

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Kawaii Keitai

More random cell phone news. Today I saw Panasonic’s new p252iS cell phone. It’s about 2/3rds the height of most other cell phones making it chou-kawaii!!!

It’s got what is basically now the bottom of the line features in Japan which is color display, Java app/game support and a digital camera. It’s also got mini-SD card support to make it easy to get your pictures out.

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