Japanese Input on Windows XP

Here is how to setup Japanese in Windows XP including handwritten kanji recognition.

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OGO Ono-Loa Hawaii

My friend Eric told me there was a Hawaiian restaurant near his place he had walked by many times and wanted to try.  We both expected it would be the typical ""Hawaiian"" restaurant with basically some Hawaiian motif and pineapple in the dishes but it turned out it was REAL HAWAIIAN!!!!  KICK ASS!!!

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Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!

Here in Japan there is a series of PS2 games called the Simple Series which would basically be described as low budget games.

This week I guess is the first time one of those games made it to the #1 sales position. The game is called “超最速!族車キングBU” which translated I think means “Super High Speed Family Car King, Vrooom!!!” which features this screen

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Kawaii Keitai

More random cell phone news. Today I saw Panasonic’s new p252iS cell phone. It’s about 2/3rds the height of most other cell phones making it chou-kawaii!!!

It’s got what is basically now the bottom of the line features in Japan which is color display, Java app/game support and a digital camera. It’s also got mini-SD card support to make it easy to get your pictures out.

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Cordless Headphones

I’m a big fan of cordless headphones. I’ve had some since probably 1995. I don’t remember if I originally got them for work or for home. I think it was for work. I found it annoying to use corded headphones and turn around or reach for something and trip over the wire or yank it out of the stereo or have the headphones yanked off my head.

Later, I got some for home. Since I left home I’ve always lived in an apartment so I can’t crank the TV or stereo up at night to watch a movie. Wireless headphones made that problem go away and there were no wires to clean up. I can even walk to the kitchen late at night and still listen.

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Japanese can’t dance

Well, that’s not true. I just wanted to grab your attention. I’m sure there are plenty of Japanese that can dance just almost no Japanese can dance Hip Hop. I’ve noticed this since I first got here 6 years ago and I think I finally figured out the reason.

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Japan’s longest running commerical?

Watch this video (wmv) or this one (quicktime) and try to guess what they are advertising. No fair if you already know.
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