Craft ROBO

I saw this thing at Yodobashi Camera the other day. It’s a computerized paper cutter. You print something out with your regular printer, then you feed it through this thing and it will cut it into any shape. That’s pretty awesome. I probably wouldn’t use it more than a couple of times a year but dang, it would be cool when I did. :-)

Sample Food

Looking over my Kappabashi page recently ended up leading me to this store’s webpage that sells sample foods made from plastic. The kinds Japanese stores put in their display case to show what they are selling.

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Behind Roppongi Hills, across from the Tsutaya Bookstore / Starbucks is another great Tokyo cafe. Frangipani

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Golden Paradise

Cutie Honey

Cutie Honey the movie RULES!.

I went to see Cutie Honey today as a friend had recommended it. I went with no expectations and was totally blown away. One of the best Japanese live action comedy movies I’ve ever seen.

Cutie Honey is a very famous Japanese Anime character from quite a while back. I believe a few animated movies based on her have made it to the states but not much of the original series.

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The Merchants of Cool

Slashdot pointed to a Frontline documentary called “The Way the Music Died“. I went to go watch it but it wasn’t up at the time so I looked over the list of stuff they have online and ended up watching “The Merchants of Cool“, a very good program about how nearly everything kids are into today is manufactured or promoted by big business.

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Pocket Surface Tempature Reader

Maybe McDonalds needs to give these out to avoid lawsuits. It’s a pocket surface tempature reader. Point it at your cup of coffee to check that it’s not too hot.


I was in Akihabara last Saturday and stopped at Game Hollywood to look for some import games and directly across a new store had opened. I checked it out and it’s a model train store called Greenmax.

The thing is, their speciality is Japanese trains and they appearently have almost every train out there. Perfect for all those people that like Densha-De-Go.

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I found this place walking home from clubbing. If I leave the clubs early I have to take a cab and for some reason, I guess to save a little money, I walk over to NHK and catch one over there. This place is in-between and I happened to pass it one day. It looked interesting so I took a picture to remind myself to try it out.

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