“Nice” means Stupid

According to Trivia no Izumi, the original meaning of the word “nice” is “stupid”. So, looking it up apparently they are right.
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Christmas in LA

I just got back from 10 days in LA visiting friends and family. It was really nice but with only 10 days it wasn’t much of a vacation since every other day was going somewhere else to see someone else.

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warming my toes

Cross Posting : Good or Evil?

Recently I’ve been wondering if “cross posting” is good, evil or just another tool.

I guess maybe there are probably two different classifications for which the same word is used. I think it’s fine if a few people want to collaborate on a site and cross post SOME of their entries. For example I post about Japan and about games and game development so if some of my entries made it on a shared site about Japan or a shared site about games that seems okay to me.

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happy for life

Amazon Theater

I was on Amazon today and they are pushing some short movie project called Amazon Theater.
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Eating Silkworms

Today I ate Silkworm Pupus. My Korean friend, Youngmi, told me she eats them regularly in Korea and she gave me some to try when she visited a week ago. They actually were not that bad. If they were spiced up and / or put in another food I could probably deal with them. Straight of the can and slightly heated, per her instructions, they were, well, like silkworm pupas.

alien life

TV Remote Cell Phone

Okay, I’m a gadget freak to some degree but this is just overboard.

It’s the ability to browse a program schedule on your phone, pick a program then point your cell phone at your VCR and have the phone program your VCR. I don’t need that feature. My VCR already does that thank you. 😉

Docomo’s newest series, the 901i has been announced recently. The line up of new features is not that compelling.

The new features are

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