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I found this site today called audioscrobbler while I was searching on Google Japan for 小島麻由美 (Kojima Mayumi) since I went to her concert yesterday which Rocked!

This page came up. The page shows what that guys listens to by band. His #1 band as of today is Pizzicato Five, also one of my favorites and his second is 小島麻由美.

The piqued my interest so I checked out the site. It’s a service that tracks what you are listening to. It does this with plugins for iTunes, WMP, Winamp, etc. What’s the point? Well:

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Maywa Denki

My friend Bruce was visiting yesterday and I randomly decided to take him to the NTT ICC. We totally lucked out as there was this awesome exhibition of the work and works of Maywa Denki

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Are You His #2 Girl

Rank Kingdom (ランク王国) is this program I enjoy that ranks random stuff. Every week they cover the top selling comics, games and videos but they also have just completely random stuff. This week for example they had top concerts of 2004, top jigsaw puzzles, top famous people that would best to appear on the new Japanese currency and finally this:

彼にとって二番目 which translated basically means, “I am his #2 girl”.
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what could it be?

The population of Japan in the year 3000

Hmmm, I can see myself reporting on random trivia now that I’m watching that trivia program but anyway, according to the Japan National Institute of Population and Social Secruity Research the average number of kids born per couple is 1.2. Computing out, if it says the same there will only be 27 people left in Japan in the year 3000.

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Why are there only kids in Peter Pan’s group?

According to “Trivia no Izumi”, a popular trivia show on Japanese TV, the reason there are only kids in Peter Pan’s group is because it’s against to rules to grow up and Peter Pan kills any kid who does.
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Piracy Pluses and Minuses

I saw this post today Torrent of Free Bits and it reminded me of something I’d thought about.

First, let me make it clear. Piracy of games pisses me off. It’s my job to make games, it’s damn hard work. 15 to 100 people for two years, 1/4 to 1/2 of that time is often 60 to 80 hour weeks. For someone to pirate it and tell me it’s not worth the $40 we ask for all our effort. ***K THEM!

For other media there are other arguments possibly.

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