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Shaolin Soccer

While I was back in LA I picked up the Shaolin Soccer DVD. I originally saw it on an HK DVD borrowed from a friend and I loved it so I wanted to show my support by buying a legit copy.

I did that but check out the cover.
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Gift Card Scam

My Grandmother gave me one of these for Christmas

What a scam! You can use the card like a Visa card but of course you can’t get every last penny off the card unless you purchase something of the exact value. If you wanted to turn the money back into cash you’d put the card in an ATM machine and you are going to get charged again. Just to find out how much she put on the card I called their 800 number and they charged me $0.50!!! (n)

On top of which she was told I could use this in Japan. What they didn’t tell her was that it would cost me to make the call to America to turn it on.

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“Nice” means Stupid

According to Trivia no Izumi, the original meaning of the word “nice” is “stupid”. So, looking it up apparently they are right.
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Christmas in LA

I just got back from 10 days in LA visiting friends and family. It was really nice but with only 10 days it wasn’t much of a vacation since every other day was going somewhere else to see someone else.

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warming my toes

Cross Posting : Good or Evil?

Recently I’ve been wondering if “cross posting” is good, evil or just another tool.

I guess maybe there are probably two different classifications for which the same word is used. I think it’s fine if a few people want to collaborate on a site and cross post SOME of their entries. For example I post about Japan and about games and game development so if some of my entries made it on a shared site about Japan or a shared site about games that seems okay to me.

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happy for life

Amazon Theater

I was on Amazon today and they are pushing some short movie project called Amazon Theater.
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