My friend Yuki posted on her blog about some TV program she watched all about the ability to concentrate.

One thing that stuck out was that according to the program if you don’t concentrate on something very often your ability to concentrate at all gets less and less.

She also said the program said that to concentrate you needed Alpha 2 brainwaves. Alpha 1 being for relaxing and Alpha 3 being when you are nervous. They then gave out 4 things to help you produce Alpha 2 brainwaves.


the nail that sticks out…

My friend Gen recently wrote on his blog about Shuji Nakamura, the guy the invented the Blue LED and who didn’t get anything for it.

It reminds me of Japanese school. In one class we would watch “Project X“, a program about Japanese corporate history. I think it was corporate although it might have covered more. They would make it super dramatic.

One episode was about the formation of Sony. They really concentrated on the fact that one sentence out of the entire page of their mission statement was “To rebuild Japan”. Anyway, that one was a pretty interesting story over all.


Mac Mini

The new Mac Mini is all the news today. While I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend one it’s funny to me that Mac people think $499 is cheap. They are so used to Apple’s high prices. What do I mean?

Well, just last month I was out computer shopping for my 90yr old grandmother. I thought about a Mac but she only uses E-mail, she’s already used to Outlook Express and the cheapest Mac was more than I could effort. Even at $499 it’s more than I could afford.

I thought about giving her one of my old PCs but getting it back to the USA would have been a pain in the ass so I went on line checking for prices.


Shaolin Soccer

While I was back in LA I picked up the Shaolin Soccer DVD. I originally saw it on an HK DVD borrowed from a friend and I loved it so I wanted to show my support by buying a legit copy.

I did that but check out the cover. (more…)

Gift Card Scam

My Grandmother gave me one of these for Christmas

What a scam! You can use the card like a Visa card but of course you can’t get every last penny off the card unless you purchase something of the exact value. If you wanted to turn the money back into cash you’d put the card in an ATM machine and you are going to get charged again. Just to find out how much she put on the card I called their 800 number and they charged me $0.50!!! (n)

On top of which she was told I could use this in Japan. What they didn’t tell her was that it would cost me to make the call to America to turn it on.