Count me on the Google Autolinks is scary side

If you’ve not been following it, Google recently released a new beta toolbar that has a new feature called Autolink. Currently it’s mostly harmless but it’s also very scary in its potential. If you click it it will scan the page you are reading and attempt to make any ISBN number, US Street Address, package tracking number or VIN number link to a book, map, tracking info or car info. A minor change and that feature could be used to make any word on the page link to something. Reading an article about Iraq? Click the Autolink button and every word on the page would link to other pages about Iraq, Oil, Saddam, etc..



Paper constructions seem a lot bigger in Japan. You can find all kinds of sites around the net with free patterns to print out and build. Recently I ran across this fairly intricate one being promoted by Misia. Build it!

Valentine’s Day

I really wasn’t thinking much about Valentine’s day but friends keep asking in email, “How was your Valentine’s Day?” and in replying to them it unforutnately makes me analyse the situation.


Butterfly Effect

I saw the Butterfly Effect on video recently. I had heard good things about it so I was looking foreward to it. I wasn’t bad but it wasn’t worthy of recommendation IMO.

Things I find unbelievable in movies or inconsistant generally distract me out of the movie so here’s a few of the problems I had with the Butterfly Effect


Site Moved Again

My ISP moved my site to a different server for the 3rd time since I signed up with them so the site’s been a little messed up for the last day or so. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. 🙂

Speed Dating

Last weekend I finally decided to try Speed Dating. Speed Dating is where you go to the speed dating place, usually a club or bar, and you spend 5 minutes meeting each partner. Every person has a number. You mark the numbers of the people you enjoyed talking to and that you think you would like to meet again and if they also marked you down then the host will send your contact info to each other.



My friend Yuki posted on her blog about some TV program she watched all about the ability to concentrate.

One thing that stuck out was that according to the program if you don’t concentrate on something very often your ability to concentrate at all gets less and less.

She also said the program said that to concentrate you needed Alpha 2 brainwaves. Alpha 1 being for relaxing and Alpha 3 being when you are nervous. They then gave out 4 things to help you produce Alpha 2 brainwaves.


the nail that sticks out…

My friend Gen recently wrote on his blog about Shuji Nakamura, the guy the invented the Blue LED and who didn’t get anything for it.

It reminds me of Japanese school. In one class we would watch “Project X“, a program about Japanese corporate history. I think it was corporate although it might have covered more. They would make it super dramatic.

One episode was about the formation of Sony. They really concentrated on the fact that one sentence out of the entire page of their mission statement was “To rebuild Japan”. Anyway, that one was a pretty interesting story over all.