Cell Phone Tivo

Last time it was using your cell phone as a remote to program your VCR/HDD recorder.  This time the recorder is in the phone.  Sharp’s newest phone, the V603sh has a TV tuner built in AND has a recording function.  It only records 3.5 minutes at a time at 320×240 and you can store about 60 minutes on a 256 meg SD card.

It’s also got a motion sensor and of course all the usual stuff.


GMail goes Japanese

Kind of….I’m sure most people think gmail is the bomb but until today it didn’t work in Japanese as it only supported Unicode. Only supporting unicode sounds like a great idea since that handles all languages but people that are not using a unicode capable email client will not be able to read your non-English mail.  While you might think that would not be common in 2005 it’s actually very common in Japan.  It’s the 200 million cell phones where most Japanese email happens that only support Japanese encodings.



It’s about FRIGGEN time!

MS and Washington State University are supposedly making a replacement for the laughably bad and nearly useless MS Paintbrush that’s been in Windows and nearly unchanged since like Windows 3.0.  Hopefully they will actually put it in shipping Windows and put Paintbrush where it belongs, in the recycle bin.

Even above that, it’s open source.  Maybe some linux fans could make a Mono version and actually have an usable app to replace the Gimp.


DSnap SV-MP730V

Panasonic is pushing their newest MP3 Player

It’s a got profile a few mm smaller than an iPod shuffle but almost twice as thick and it includes FM tuner and display but it’s nearly twice as expensive for the 1gig model.  What are they thinking?


NASA World Wind

If you haven’t seen NASA World Wind you’ve GOT to check it out.

It’s program very much like Google’s Keyhole but Keyhole costs $29 a year to use.  NASA World Wind is free and in many ways has more features.

It’s a 3D globe viewing program where you can zoom in to the under a meter range.  Here’s me zooming into the old Naughty Dog building on the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.


Open Source Code vs everything else

Why is it that anytime someone writes a piece of code and puts it on the net people say “you should open source it” and yet with nearly any other endevor people don’t say “you should give it away”? Examples:

“Check out this house I just built”. “Hey, that’s awesome, have you considered giving it away to charity?”

“Check out this desk I just made on my own”. “Wow, cool, have you considered giving it away?”

“I just finished writing my novel, it took 9 months. I’m so thankful my wife could support me”…. “I just read it and it’s great, have you considered make it availabe for free?”


Open Source = Ammo for Terrorists

Did that title grab your attention? Well, it was mostly meant as a joke but read on.

I think open source is great (well, except I think GPL is evil but that’s another topic). But, lately I’ve been trying to figure out a way to fix the comment spam problem. Comment spam is generally when someone writes a script to automatically scan the web, find blogs and post ads for crap. Various ways have been tried to stop it but like e-mail, the spam still gets through.