Enable Japanese to English Dictionary in iOS

Right after figuring out how to enable the built in Japanese to English dictionary in OSX a friend was like “Awesome! Now they just need it for iOS” to which I thought, hmm, I wonder.

A few clicks later and BAM! Same feature is in iOS
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Turn on the built in Japanese/English Dictionary in OSX

I recently read this article about just how awesome the Webster’s dictionary is compared to other dictionaries.. I highly recommend it.

After reading that I installed that dictionary in OSX. Then a few days later I needed to look up a Japanese word. I usually go to WWWJDIC to look things up but it’s annoying to have to be online.

Then I got to thinking, Hmmm, if I was able to install a dictionary into OSX I’ll bet there’s a Japanese or Japanese to English dictionary. A few clicks later and BAM!, turns out there’s one built in. All you have to do is turn it on.
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Notes about Rome, Florence, Milan, Venice

I took my first trip to Italy. I started in Rome, then Florence, Milan, and finally Venice.

The short version is, Milan was best but over all I Italy didn’t live up to the hype for me.
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Manoa Falls

I was in Honolulu looking up a restaurant or something on Google maps and I saw a marker for “Manoa Falls”. I had never been and I assumed it would be like Opaekaa Falls or Wailua Falls in Kauai. Both of those are just off the road. You get out of your car, walk 50 feet, see the waterfall, get back into your car. At worst I thought it might be like Akaka Falls on Hawaii which is nice paved with steps and walkways with rails.

Instead it was a dirt path about 1 mile long. It was a drizzly day and so it was all really muddy and slippery.
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Amsterdam Notes

Random notes to self about Amsterdam
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Tromsø Notes

Notes to myself about Tromsø

Small town on Island. Kind of reminds me of Kauai as their populations are similar although I don’t know if the population I read is just Tromsø city or if including the surrounding area makes it much bigger
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If You Had Money?

If you had money what would you do?

Seriously think about it for a moment. If you had say $10 million what would you do? I’m guessing lots of you would buy or pay off your house or sell it and get a new one. Would you quit your job? Would you start a new job? Would you move? Would you retire? Is $10 million enough to retire? Would you teach? Or run a flower shop? Open a bar or a cafe or a club? Would you invest? In what? Buy a sports car? Blow it in Monte Carlo?
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Cultural Differences

One of the things you learn from living abroad is just how many things you assume are natural that actually aren’t.
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Getting Ripped off by Siegel's

I’m going to admit right off the bat it was stupid of me to order a suit from the USA to Japan. The thing is the suit I wanted is not a common style and it was for a costume-ish party so I thought “what the heck”. In my defense I did look around Japan. I found only 3 places that might have a similar suit. 2 in Tokyo, one in Osaka. But I wrote the one in Osaka and they never got back to me. I visited the 2 in Tokyo and they didn’t have my size and I thought it would take them longer to get my size than to just order it myself. I guess though I should have listened to my first instinct.
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Why Japanese is Hard to Learn

This is mostly in response to the English is Hard to Learn meme

One of the first words you learn when studying Japanese is “iku” (行く)The word “to go”. So, given that it’s spelled

行 i
く   ku

How do you think you pronounce these words?

行      ___
実行 ji___
行う ___u
膝行 i____
売れ行き ure___ki

Or about about this one.  “iku” (生く). It means “to live” or “to be alive” So given that it’s spelled

生 i
く ku

How do you think you pronounce these words?

先生   sen___
一生   i___
芝生   shiba___
往生   ou___
千生り sen___ri
埴生   ha____
平生   hei___
弥生   ya ___
蓬生   yomo____
生り   ___ri
相生   ai___
下生え shita___e
生える __eru


行      gyou
実行 jikou
行う okonau
膝行 izari
売れ行き ureyuki

先生  sensei
一生  isshou
芝生  shibafu
往生    oujou
千生り sennari
埴生    hanyuu
平生  heizei
弥生  yayoi
蓬生  yomogiu
生り  namari
相生    aioi
下生え shitabae
生える haeru

All languages have their quirks. :)

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