ARC vs ZIP, the myth, the legend

I doubt many people know this story but back in the mid to late 80s there was compression program called ARC. It functioned similar to WinZip or WinRAR by taking a bunch of files, compressing them and bundling them up into a single file which made it easier to send across a modem and also take less time and therefore less money. It was THE standard. Everywhere you’d go there would be .ARC files. (more…)

Umaibou : Delicious Stick

Go to pretty much any Japanese super market or combini and you'll find Umaibou (うまい棒), pronounced "ou-my-bow" where the "ou" is like "you" without the "y" and "bow" as in "bow and arrow". Literally translated it means "delicious stick".


Life without water

So, I live on the 3rd floor of the 3 story building. There are 3 apartments on this floor. Each one has its own water pump outside of the building on the first floor. Sunday my water pump broke. I’ve been without water for 6 days now! (more…)

Cosplay Phones

Well, not quite but Vodafone, which has been doing very poorly recently in Japan, is about to introduce phones with costumes.

Currently they have 12 costumes but I other than the bull which I find kind of cute the rest look pretty cheezy if you ask me.

Actually they have a “cheese” one.

and a tire

Here’s the whole collection:


Lessons from Star Trek

I’ve been reading Steve Pavlina’s self help site recently trying to figure myself out. His latest post is about Star Trek: The Next Generation as examples of they types of people to aspire to be.

It’s an interesting universe and it would be nice to aspire to the but it only takes a little thought to realize it would never work.

No money? Then how do you decide who gets to live in the penthouse or beach front property and who gets a 1st floor apartment in downtown Detroit? You can’t replicate those.


Google Earth

If you never got a chance to see the Keyhole viewer well now is your chance. Google bought them a while ago and have now made it free and updated it quite a bit

Here’s Orange County

Here’s where I work in Japan

Here’s downtown LA with 3D buildings turned on