Todai is an all you can eat Japanese buffet.  Lunch is something like $10.   Not a bad price for all you can eat including sushi.  It’s not bad for an all you can eat place.

Directions: There is more than one of these too.  The one I’ve been to is here.   Take Beach Blvd south from the 405 about 6 lights.  Todai is on the right just past Warner.  I’m not sure there is a sign but there is a Fitness Center and Edward’s Charter Center Theaters.  Also Todai is right next to the tallest building within miles.

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Imperial Dragon

This is a small Vietnamese restaurant in Costa Mesa. It’s definitely not bad. I’ve only been for lunch. They don’t have the catfish that the other place has but their soups are great as is their Charbroiled Pork with Rice and their Vietnamese eggrolls.

Directions: Take Bristol south.  It’s on the right just past Paularino in the same shopping center as Video Tokyo

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Why this place has done was well has it has it beyond me.  The place sucks!   There are like 50 of them too.  I don’t get it.  I’ve tried it like 5 times at like 3 different locations and every time I’ve hated it.  Bland tasteless dry food.  Complete crap.  Blech!  Avoid this place and maybe it will go away.

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Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ

If you’ve never had Mongolian BBQ this is not a bad place to try it.  Basically they have a salad bar type arrangement.  They give you an empty bowl and you fill it as full as you can with stuff from the bar.  They have different shaved meats (i.e. thinly sliced) like turkey, beef, pork etc.  Then they have some veggies like sprouts and cabbage and water chestnuts.  Then they have sauces.  There are instructions for how to mix the sauces above the bar.  You need to put like 5 ladles full plus some BBQ oil.

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Prehistoric Pets

This is a really cool pet store that’s near Ebisu Ramen and Genghis Kahn Mongolian BBQ.   They specialize in reptiles but my favorite thing there is to feed the "Man Eating Catfish."  At least that’s what I like to call them.  Near the entrance to the store they have a small indoor pond with several kinds of fish including catfish big enough to swallow your arm.  For a few bucks you can feed them live night crawlers (large worms).  Cool!  This is definitely a must see place.  Check it out!

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Relaxtation is where I was first introduced to Black Pearl Milk Tea or Bo Ba Nai Cha (Bo Ba for short).  Bo Ba I believe is pretty much any drink that you put large tapioca balls in the most common being Black Tea and Milk.  Once you try this I think you’ll be addicted.  Each place I’ve had it has been a little different in the same way I supposed that coffee is different at different places.  Here’s a quick review of the places I’ve had bo ba

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Toro is the meat the comes from the belly area of a tuna. It is one of the most delicious things I’ve ever eaten. Toro would definitely be on the list of things I would want to continue to eat if I could only choose a couple of things. Read more…


Purikura is the shortened form of "Print Club" translated into Japanese.  Japanese has many less sounds than English so for example the only way to say "Print Club" in Japanese is "Purinto Kurabu".  The Japanese like to shorten words and so it’s been shortened to "Purikura"

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Is Open Source right for everything?

I just finished reading the essay, "How Red Hat Software Stumbled Across a New Economic Model"   It is probably the first pro-linux article I’ve read that mostly seemed to make sense.  I suggest you read it.

I believe the major arguement made to adopt linux is, since it is Open Source, you the user have the control to adapt it to your needs (assuming you can program or can find somebody that can and can afford his fees.)

It also makes the point (as do many other papers) that maintanence, support and distrubution are among the few known ways to make a living in the Open Source world.

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Random Tokyo Sites

This page is just a collection of random pictures which I couldn’t think to put other places.

After I went to Tsukiji I hung out with Natsuko and we visited some of the sites around tokyo.

I had seen an ad on the train a few days earlier for a Japanese craft fair that I thought I remembered was at the Tokyo Dome so that’s where we went.

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