Purikura is the shortened form of "Print Club" translated into Japanese.  Japanese has many less sounds than English so for example the only way to say "Print Club" in Japanese is "Purinto Kurabu".  The Japanese like to shorten words and so it’s been shortened to "Purikura"

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Is Open Source right for everything?

I just finished reading the essay, "How Red Hat Software Stumbled Across a New Economic Model"   It is probably the first pro-linux article I’ve read that mostly seemed to make sense.  I suggest you read it.

I believe the major arguement made to adopt linux is, since it is Open Source, you the user have the control to adapt it to your needs (assuming you can program or can find somebody that can and can afford his fees.)

It also makes the point (as do many other papers) that maintanence, support and distrubution are among the few known ways to make a living in the Open Source world.

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Random Tokyo Sites

This page is just a collection of random pictures which I couldn’t think to put other places.

After I went to Tsukiji I hung out with Natsuko and we visited some of the sites around tokyo.

I had seen an ad on the train a few days earlier for a Japanese craft fair that I thought I remembered was at the Tokyo Dome so that’s where we went.

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Tsukiji Fish Market

Just before I left Tokyo I got a chance to visit the Tsukiji Fish Market which one of  the largest Fish Markets in the World.  It is enormous.  These picture do not do it justice.

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Kamakura is a city about an hour by train outside of Tokyo.  It’s probably the closest place to Tokyo that looks like old Japan of the type you might see in the movies.   I really don’t know anything about the history of Kamakura but I would be glad to hear about it if you feel like telling me.

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Japanese Restaaurants

This page has moved here.


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The Y2K thing is starting to bug me. Not the actual problem but the hype. Personally I don’t believe there will be an actual problem. At least not any major ones caused by computers. The real problems will happen because of various people over-reacting to the supposed threat.

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GNU – Open Source vs. Labor

This is mostly a beef with GNU.

First let me start off by saying I have nothing what-so-ever against people writing software and giving it away for free with or without source and with or without re-distribution rights and with or without modification rights.  GPLed or whatever you want to call it.  I think that’s very cool and I’ve done it myself.

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I'm not currently looking for work but if you are curious here is my work history.

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