This is one of those brewery restaurants where they make their own beers.  I’m not sure if the food is all that great here but I went a couple of times and the one reason I’d go back is they have this buffalo wings appetizer plate with 3 different types of wings.   It’s about $10 and they give you something like 40 wings.  Just that plate alone was enough for 4 people.  Good Stuff.

The City of Long Beach is also trying to turn downtown Long Beach into a tourist area.   They just opened a new Aquarium down in the harbor and are increasing the size of their Shoreline Village.  A seaside touristy mall.  It’s something to do.   Check it out.


Ocean Star

In Monterey Park, this is one of the most popular Dim Sum places.  I’m sure you could wait an hour even on a weekday.  The place is huge too.  If you really want the Dim Sum experience this is the place to go.

Also, Monterey Park and the areas nearby are heavily populated by Chinese as well as some other Asian groups.  The cool things is there are tons of great and fun restaurants, several video game stores and also a couple of Hong Kong movie theaters so if you want to see the latest Jackie Chan or other Hong Kong movies years before their official American release check it out!



I don’t know what to say about Johnnies.  I was just driving around and I saw this.  It’s on Sepulevda south between the two Washingtons.  The claim famous French Dip and Pastrami sandwiches.  I tried it out and it was pretty good.  It’s a small place but it looks like it either gets very crowed or used to get very crowed because there are lots of tables outside.


Tito’s Taco’s

Me and Evan and Sakura tried this place out.  It’s on the northern Washington (there are two Washingtons right there) and Sepulevda.  There is always a line.  I’m not sure why.  We tried it out and for me it seems like bad drive in movie Mexican food.  It was cheap but I personally got a stomach ache after I ate there.  I guess I don’t understand the line.  If you want Mexican go to Alberto’s or Baja Bud’s.


Sanamulang Cafe

Sanamulang Cafe is in the middle of Thai Town.  I didn’t even know L.A. had a Thai town but it does.  I’m not sure what the boundaries of Thai Town are but Hollywood Blvd east of the 101 for a few miles seems to be the area.  Samamulang doesn’t seem to be a Thai restaurant.  It’s a mix of various Asian foods but it’s good, and it’s cheap.  Parking leaves something to be desired.  Expect to have to double park and leave your keys with some guy your not sure is actually in charge if you come at a crowed time.


Rae’s Cafe

On Pico west of Centinela.  The thing going for Rae’s is it’s old looking like a 50s diner.  Not like Ruby’s which is a commercialized version of a 50s diner but an actual 50s diner.  It doesn’t look like this place has changed in 50 years.  Maybe it hasn’t.  Food what you’d expect for a diner.  Reasonably priced and not bad at all and very middle American menu.


Insomnia Cafe

On Beverly and Poinsettia.  Another coffee shop.  The point of this one seems to be that lots of screenwriters (or wannabe screenwriters) hang out here with their laptops and type their latest screen plays or movie treatments.  I just sat there and edited my webpages.  Does that make me a poser?


Sushi Mon

I met a date here.  Not bad, the food and the date.  A little expensive though not for L.A. sushi but they had this one dish, which was the reason to go, which is basically tuna (or was it salmon) and tomatoes and some sauce on top of a large wanton chip.  That was really good even if another friend of mine frowned at the mix of tomatoes and sushi.