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I’m Gregg. Some people call me Greggman. (dating info)

I make video games for a living. I’ve been doing it since 1982.

For fun I like to hang out with friends.

My interests are of course video games and computers but also I love movies, dinning, travel and shopping.

My most recent interest is learning Japanese. I’m not sure why I’m learning it but I just want to. It’s a very cool feeling to be able to understand another language. I am fortunate enough to be able to afford a two bedroom apartment and so last Summer I got the idea that I should consider letting Japanese people use my second room in exchange for helping me practice my Japanese. I asked a few friends in Japan if they knew anybody who would want to use the room for a few weeks during a trip to the USA. They said that maybe some of their friends might like to do that but nothing ever happened.

Then, one day, our office manager saw an ad in the Pennysaver. It said something like "Japanese students will trade housework for room." We called the number and a few days later some guy called and asked about the room. I didn’t need anybody to do housework so I told him the deal was he just needed to help me practice my Japanese. His name was ‘Yasunori’ and he stayed from September 27th 1996 to January 6th 1997.

While he was here I found out that there are quite a few schools here in So.Cal that specialize in teaching English to Japanese students. Many of the students come over and trade housework for a room while they attend the school. I met several of his school friends and after he left, two of them asked if they could share the room. They have since moved in and they say they will be here until November.

There names are Rieko Takamatsu (25) and Yukiko Ogata (22).

They get around quite a bit. The last week in March they both went to Brazil.

Look at my jetsetting roommates.

I’m jealous.

Even supposed "computer experts" are idiots

See these articles on slashdot ( ActiveX Wreaks Havoc) and wired (What Is Hip? Not

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Shift Karts

In early November we had pretty much finished Crash Team Racing except for the Japanese version and so the boss, Jason, treated us all to a day of shift karts.  It was pretty damn cool.

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Sony DCR-PC100

I recently picked up the Sony DCR-PC100 camera through a friend from Japan.  I own the Sony TVR9 also but just like my digital still cameras, I found that because the TVR9 is not small enough to fit in my pocket I almost never used it.  By that I mean that I’ve owned many digital still cameras and it turns out of if it’s not small enough to fit in my pocket I won’t use it.

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dating_before 1999-10-22

Hey, so maybe you want to date me?

You’d like to find out more about that side of me?


I’m a video game programmer. I’ve been doing it for 15 years now and so I’m doing pretty well in my chosen profession. Lots of experience equals lots of oppotunities. I’m considered one of the best in the business.

Being a video game programmer means that I’m creative. Being creative means I CREATE things. I like creative people. Being a programmer means that I’m smart. (not wise, just smart). I’m looking for the same. Being able to program your VCR would be a good start. I’m definately not looking for little Ms. HelpMe.

My main interests right now are Japanese, Music, Movies, Computers, Video Games and Food.

On Japanese, I’ve been studying for about 4 years now and I lived in Japan for 9 months. I’m still learning but I can have a simple conversation in Japanese.

On Music, of course like most people I like music but unlike most people I think my likes are a little more diverse. I have over 600 CDs and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a theme except there is no country music. Lately I’ve been getting into Swing Music and I think it would be fun to learn to Swing dance. Generally I like music I can sing to or with a good beat. Stations I listen to, KROQ, Y107, The Beat, NPR, KABC.

On Movies, I like pretty much all types except movies about affairs/cheating etc. My favorites include Blade Runner, Rasing Arizona, Moonstruck, Brazil, Delicatessen, Say Anything, Swingers, Dark City. Now that I’m working next door to 14 theaters I get to see everything just by stepping outside after work. Way cool.

On Computers, Well, I’m a programmer. It’s surprising but I’ve met programmers that don’t seem to be interested in computers. Of course those guys generally seem to not like their work. Me on the other hand can do pretty much anything related to computers and if I don’t know it I can pick it up pretty quickly. The next big thing I want to do is to make music using my computer and a music keyboard.  It’s funny though but I really don’t spend much time on it at home.  Mostly e-mail and the occasional home project.

On Video Games, Like most boys I loved video games as a kid and I still love them. I am particular though. I try only to play good games. That means that I don’t play everyday (except for playtesting the game I’m creating at the moment). The last game I played was Zelda 64 for the Nintendo 64. Playing a great game is like reading a great book. I can’t stop until I’m finished. I played Zelda for about 5 days 10 to 16 hours a day until I finished. That kind of thing happens about 3 times a year. Of course the same thing happens with a good book. I just can’t stop reading. The next game I want to play is Um Jama Lami.  A musical game and the sequel to Parappa the Rapper. I’m not into most of the sports games nor am I really into sports at all though I don’t mind playing them with friends when I get the chance. I would love to get into something on a more regular basis like Rollerblading, Tennis or Bike Riding.

Nationality wise I’m a mutt. Hawaiian, Tahitian, Portuguese, Chinese, English, Irish and Dutch. My father’s family is from Hawaii and that’s the part of my heritage I know the most about. I’m not very religious though I used to be during high school. That probably kept me out of alot of trouble. Now I only get religion when I hear loud noises.

I don’t consider myself a wild person but if you go by where I’ve lived then at 18 I ran away from college in Utah to live with my girlfriend in Philadelphia. We ended up in Baltimore and I lived there for 3 years (about a year and a half more than the relationship). After that I lived in West LA, then back to my home area in Orange County. I moved to the San Francisco area for 2 years which was fun. San Francisco is a very beautiful city. Then I moved back to South Orange County to start a company with some friends. When the opportunity came I moved to Japan. I expected to be there for 3 years but I ended up coming back early and so now I am in West LA again. I’m not sure where I would like to finally settle but I can say I never "intended" to move all over the place it just kind of happened.

I’m think I’m looking for a woman that has some interests, hobbies and/or a career (that means I’ve met women with none of those). Intelligence is a must. If you believe in astrology or use Cosmo magazine as a guide for your life please look elsewhere. A good sense of humor which means you can laugh at almost anything. In other words you can laugh at South Park or Beavis and Butthead even though you know it’s not P.C.  You find humor in black comedies like Vampire’s Kiss and Cold Blooded. An open mind and easy going attitude which means you don’t take offense easily and not much pisses you off.  For example you can laugh at a ridiculous cheesey b-movie by Troma with scantily clad women instead of being offended.  Generally you’re set to have a good time no matter what life throws at you.  In other words if the waiter brings the wrong thing it doesn’t ruin you’re whole evening.

If you came here from and you are curious where ‘anon.echidna’ comes from then check out ‘What is an Echidna anyway?’ Also, my main web page is at where there’s lots more stuff.  You might also like to check out my profile since their are lots of questions and answers.

I suppose you’d like to see some pictures.  You could browse my pages.  You might find a few there.  How about these from elsewhere on my webpages.


There’s a dating service called ‘It’s Just Coffee’. Their belief is that if you meet someone you’ll know within the hour whether or not you want to see them again. So what do you think? Write me here and lets discuss it over lunch.

Open Source: Where’s the proof?

The Open Source advocates always like to claim that open source produces better software.  My question is where’s the proof?  It seems as though everybody takes it for granted that it’s true without actually checking into it.  The arguements are compelling.  More eyes on the code should mean that more features get added and more bugs get fixed and so we should get better software but I think if we actually look that’s not the case.

The Open Source people usually point Emacs, GCC, Linux, Perl and Apache. That’s about as far as they get. Maybe they add sendmail or fetchmail in there. A few of the new desktops might make it too like KDE or GNOME.

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I saw this on the sci.lang.japan newsgroup and thought it was pretty cool.  Mr. Brett Robson used it for his signature

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"The Phantom Menace" sucked rocks!

I saw the movie with 47 other Star Wars fans and not one of us left with a smile on our faces. The original 3 movies worked for 2 reasons. 1) The effects were state of the art and light years ahead of everything else. 2) The stories were compelling and involving. None of this was true with "The Phantom Menace". The effects were not state of the art nor were they or could they be light years ahead of the rest. They were basically just standard fair for CG effect.

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dating_before 1999-04-06

I learned some things from previous relatinoships.  One is that I pretty much need a few months to fall in love.  If you want to date me lets just be friends first and do somethings together for a while.  I’m sure there’s a one in a million girl that I could fall in love with at first site but on the otherhand I don’t trust that kind if feeling.  I want to be with someone who is my best friend, who I love to talk to and share everything with.

I’m looking for someone to be in love with and to share a lifetime of friendship. I’m looking for someone to be my best friend and the person I share all of my experiences with. I would love to go to plays and fancy restaurants and weekend getaways and travel but my ideal image of those activities has my best friend and lover as a large part of them.

I’m not sure what kind of woman I’m looking for exactly but here’s my best guess. I’m looking for an intelligent woman near my age give or take around 4 years.. Someone who preferably likes some of the things that I do (computers and/or video games and/or Japanese) so I can share that part of my life with her. I don’t want one of those relationships where the woman spends all her time with her friends and the guy with his and all they really share together is the bills and the bed. That doesn’t mean I’m only interested in female programmers though. In the video game industry the ratio of men to women is probably as high as 30 to 1 so it’s really hard to meet people. Fortunately the internet seems to be getting more women at least marginally interested in computers. I know a few husband and wife teams in my industry and I have to say it looks rather appealing but that’s not something I expect to happen.

I’m not looking for a model but I do need to be physically attracted to her. The most important physical attribute to me is a good smile.

When it comes to relationships I like to follow rather than lead. I’m an extrovert trapped in the body of an introvert. A have a very strong desire to be crazy outgoing but I find that I really need some support behind me to do it. I’d like someone else to make the social calendar, travel plans and things like that. If you take me to a bar or a dance club expect me to be a little nervous as I’m out of my element and don’t know the social customs expected of me. If you’re looking for the aggressive dominate male that’s not me. At least not with women. In my career it’s another story.  This is actually part of me that I’m working on.  As I’ve been making more outgoing friends I’ve been becoming more outgoing.

As for sports, I’m always amazed at the stuff I read in the profiles at   There are so many women that seem to be into rock climbing or hiking or biking etc.   One women even said she was training for a triathalon!  Me, I don’t do any regular athletic activities.  That’s not to say I don’t want to but not enough for me to organize things.  If somebody asked me to play tennis or go biking or roller blading I would most likely say yes.  As for watching I mostly don’t like to watch sports nor do I keep up with them at all.  Maybe a couple of times a year I’ll watch gymnatics or ice skating on TV.

Speaking of TV I’m not a sit infront of the TV kind of person.  Of course I can waste a Saturday afternoon with the Discovery Channel or the Learning Channel on.  I also used to like to watch X-files and B5.  I never got into things like Friends or Seinfeld.

As for ‘ethnicity’ I’m a mutt. Hawaiian, Tahitian, Chinese, Portuguese, English, Irish and Dutch. My family taught me mostly about my Hawaiian heritage as my Dad’s parents are both from Hawaii and my Grandfather and many of his brothers and sisters are entertainers (read: show offs :-) My ‘ethnicity’ also means I was introduced to many kinds of food (sometimes as in "you’re not leaving the table until you eat it") I’m glad my parents did that because now I like all kinds of food and love to try new things.

My current obession is learning to speak Japanese. I’ve been studying for about 3 years but it’s really hard. Especially because it’s totally embarrassing to talk to people when I’m not sure how to say what I’m thinking. Fortunately I have several good friends that speak it.  I went to Japan for 9 months to study and practice.

If you’re curious where ‘anon.echidna’ comes from then check out ‘What is an Echidna anyway?’ Also, my main web page is at where there’s lots more stuff.

I suppose you’d like to see some pictures.  You could browse my pages.  You might find a few there.  How about these from elsewhere on my webpages.


Favorites?  If you put me in a CD store expect me to buy 3 or 4 before I leave.   My absolute favorties are Pizzicato 5 and Depeche Mode.  Lately I’ve been listening to lots of swing music.  I think it would be fun to learn to swing dance.   I like old Prince (or as my friend says "the artist formerly known as good")  Nate King Cole and Natalie Cole.  Lounge music catches my ear fairly often.  I gravitate toward music with a beat though.  I’m always looking for more good techno/ambient or dance tracks.  I’ve got about 600 CDs and I think you’d be hard pressed to find a common theme except you’d find there is no country.

Movies?  Blade Running, Brazil, Swingers, Dark City, Say Anything, Moonstruck, Rasing Arizona.  I really like to see almost anything except movies about failed relationships.

There’s a dating service called ‘It’s Just Coffee’. Their belief is that if you meet someone you’ll know within the hour whether or not you want to see them again. So what do you think? Write me here and lets discuss it over lunch.

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