Park Hyatt Shinjuku

as seen from Sendagaya
This is a the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjukul.  I’ve been told it’s the most expensive hotel in Japan.  Actually the hotel starts at around the 38th floor.  Below that is offices.  I don’t recommend you stay there though.  I visited once and the staff was very rude and snobby.  Basically if are not staying there they don’t want you there.  Because they were such dicks I will never stay there.

You can see that the top of each tower has an atrium which of course have gorgeous views.

Portable Kareoke

I don’t quite know what the point is but NTT DoCoMo has a portable Kareoke machine. It’s about the size of CD player. It plugs into your phone and your TV and some speakers and a Mic. You have a catalog from which you select songs. They get downloaded over your cellphone to this machine and then played back.



FOMA = Freedom of Mobile multimedia Access. It’s NTT DoCoMo’s name for W-CDMA service which starts here in Japan in May, less than 2 months away.

I was in Shinjuku today wondering around and I stumbled upon the DoCoMo tryout center. They had some of the FOMA phone models on display. 384K to the phone, 64K from. Fast enough for reasonable video.


scary clouds

I actually lost some better pictures of these clouds.  A bunch of coincidences piled up.  First I had forgotten to empty my memory stick that was in the camera.  I didn’t expect the memory stick to fill up but I forgot that the day before I had put some MP3 files on it as a test on somebody’s MP3 phone.  Also I have several memory sticks but I had misplaced them and hadn’t taking the time to find them

So, one day we had a kimono day at school and I wanted to take pictures of as many people as possible wearing kimono’s so when I ran out of space I deleted a bunch of images.  On the small screen I forgot why I took these pictures.  At a glance they just looked like pictures of Iidabashi which I had alot of already.