poster in train station

I don’t think this has quite the impact it does in the station but I
liked the graphic design of the women.  It appears that lacrosse is
basically a woman’s sport in Japan.  By that I mean that most of the teams
are women not that that only women play or that it’s considered girllish.

10 Second Photo Gallery

The 10 second photo gallery is my attempt to make it easier to post some of my photos. Hopefully I can add a picture every day or two.

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Harajuku Alley

Photoshop is fun ;-)
This picture is actually a combination of two pictures.  One with
the exposure set to get the people lower half of the image and the other with
the exposure set to get the top half.  Then I stitched them together in

a building in shinjuku

the shinjuku docomo building

What everybody here calls Tokyo's Empire State Building.
Even though it’s only about 30 stories tall.  It is does stick out
though with its distinctive shape and it’s also slightly lit at night.

Faster than a speeding bullet

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My Dad’s trip to Rome

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shinjuku at night

Taken from the West area from a pedestrian bridge

Crayon Shinchan

Well I’ve been looking for stuff to watch here in Japan to practice my Japanese.  Unfortunately either Japanese TV is generally boring (which I heard from several Japanese people) or it’s that I don’t understand it so it’s boring to me.  I’m not sure which it is.  Maybe a little of both.  So, I’ve been trying to find something interesting enough that I will want to watch it in instead of having to force myself to watch it.

Well I found it!  Crayon Shinchan is a cartoon show.  It seems to be aimed at kids but I’d say it’s often aimed at adult kids kind of like South Park though not quite that far.

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