Rejection never feels good does it. Even if you never expected anything of to come of it.

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Speaking Japanese

It’s so strange. One day I can do so well and another I can completely fail.

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tokyo’s new oedo line

it's 100 feet under in earthquake country

Bluetooth memory stick

Sony has been showing a prototype of their bluetooth memorystick

If you don’t know what bluetooth is it’s a new standard for wireless stuff.  At its most basic it’s supposed to allow you to use all your gadgets without needing to connect any wires to your computer.  For example your printer, scanner, zip drive etc.  This memorystick could potentially allow Sony digital cameras, digital video cameras and MP3 devices to connect to your computer without any wires.

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3D Fish Tank

Aquarium screen savers have been around forever and every year they get more elaborate.  The latest is a fully 3D fish tank.  Although there are others that have 3D fish on 2D backgrounds this one is fully 3D so the camera actually swims around the fish tank following the fish.

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More Internet Connections

So in Japan they recently deregulated the power companies so they can offer more than just power. The first thing they are offering is 3mbit internet service through your powerline. Pretty cool.

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What to do

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lanterns in ookubo store front


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poster in train station

I don’t think this has quite the impact it does in the station but I
liked the graphic design of the women.  It appears that lacrosse is
basically a woman’s sport in Japan.  By that I mean that most of the teams
are women not that that only women play or that it’s considered girllish.

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