Using Emoticons

Danny added the ability to put in emoticons 🙂 🙁 😀 :-p for example into comments.  Here’s what to type to use them.

To make this Type this
    🙂 \:-)
    😀 \:-D  or  \:-d 
    :-O \:-O 
    😛 \:-P
    :-Q \:-Q
    😎 \8-)
    😉 \;-) 
    🙁 \:-(
    :-S \:-S  or  \:-s
    😐 \:-|
    (Y) \(Y)  or  \(y)
    (N) \(N)  or  \(n)
    (L) \(L)  or  \(l)
    (U) \(U)  or  \(u)
    (K) \(K)  or  \(k)
    (G) \(G)  or  \(g)
    (F) \(F)  or  \(f)
    (X) \(X)  or  \(x)
    (Z) \(Z)  or  \(z)
    (P) \(P)  or  \(p)
    (B) \(B)  or  \(b)
    (D) \(D)  or  \(d)
    (T) \(T)  or  \(t)
    (@) \(@)
    (C) \(C)  or  \(c)
    (I) \(I)  or  \(i)
    (H) \(H)  or  \(h)
    (S) \(S)  or  \(s)
    (*) \(*)
    (8) \(8)
    (E) \(E)  or  \(e)
    (M) \(M)  or  \(m)
    :-[ \:-[

RC Construction Equipment

I’m watching this program on radio controlled stuff and they are showing all very large construction machinery that is radio controlled. The had a lady controller pooring wine with a wine bottle tied to the end of a large crane. Way cool.


Going to Kitchen Town

So today I checked out what my friend Ed calls “Kitchen Town”. I think it’s actually called Kappamachi. It’s a area about 4 or 5 city blocks long of nothing but restaurant supply stores.

I’m not talk about food although there were several food stores there. I’m talking about everything needed to run a restaurant. If it’s not there then you probably don’t need it.


State of the art computer translation

There’s a program people called Bablefish, named after the Bable fish from the book, The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy which itsself is named after the tower of Bable.

In the book you stick the fish in your ear and then it translates all languages instamagically so that you can talk to anybody as you tour the galaxy.

Bablefish the program will attempt to translate languages for you. You can either type some text in or you can tell it a webpage and it will present that page translated for you.