Desiging User Interfaces

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Check out this article about the differences between apologizing in Japan and in America.

I didn’t see much about the accident but when I did see the US representatives they hardly seemed sorry.

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FOMA = Freedom of Mobile multimedia Access. It’s NTT DoCoMo’s name for W-CDMA service which starts here in Japan in May, less than 2 months away.

I was in Shinjuku today wondering around and I stumbled upon the DoCoMo tryout center. They had some of the FOMA phone models on display. 384K to the phone, 64K from. Fast enough for reasonable video.

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scary clouds

I actually lost some better pictures of these clouds.  A bunch of coincidences piled up.  First I had forgotten to empty my memory stick that was in the camera.  I didn’t expect the memory stick to fill up but I forgot that the day before I had put some MP3 files on it as a test on somebody’s MP3 phone.  Also I have several memory sticks but I had misplaced them and hadn’t taking the time to find them

So, one day we had a kimono day at school and I wanted to take pictures of as many people as possible wearing kimono’s so when I ran out of space I deleted a bunch of images.  On the small screen I forgot why I took these pictures.  At a glance they just looked like pictures of Iidabashi which I had alot of already. 

Life with no girlfriend

*They* tell you you should not worry about having a girlfriend. You should just have fun with your friends, get out and eventually you’ll meet one. Well, don’t believe it.

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oil from the USS Arizona


Rejection never feels good does it. Even if you never expected anything of to come of it.

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Speaking Japanese

It’s so strange. One day I can do so well and another I can completely fail.

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tokyo’s new oedo line

it's 100 feet under in earthquake country

Bluetooth memory stick

Sony has been showing a prototype of their bluetooth memorystick

If you don’t know what bluetooth is it’s a new standard for wireless stuff.  At its most basic it’s supposed to allow you to use all your gadgets without needing to connect any wires to your computer.  For example your printer, scanner, zip drive etc.  This memorystick could potentially allow Sony digital cameras, digital video cameras and MP3 devices to connect to your computer without any wires.

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