does this need a name?

State of the art computer translation

There’s a program people called Bablefish, named after the Bable fish from the book, The Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy which itsself is named after the tower of Bable.

In the book you stick the fish in your ear and then it translates all languages instamagically so that you can talk to anybody as you tour the galaxy.

Bablefish the program will attempt to translate languages for you. You can either type some text in or you can tell it a webpage and it will present that page translated for you.

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discarded Japanese fortunes

In Japan at many of the temples you can get your fortune.  If you
don’t like it you can tie it to a rope to let it go.

sidewalk in Shin Okubo

on the way to school

the lights of shinjuku

I don’t understand Japanese

Like I said before somedays it just doesn’t work.

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Why do I study Japanese

Actually I have no idea why I decided to go to Japan ;-p

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Park Hyatt Shinjuku

as seen from Sendagaya
This is a the Park Hyatt Hotel in Shinjukul.  I’ve been told it’s the most expensive hotel in Japan.  Actually the hotel starts at around the 38th floor.  Below that is offices.  I don’t recommend you stay there though.  I visited once and the staff was very rude and snobby.  Basically if are not staying there they don’t want you there.  Because they were such dicks I will never stay there.

You can see that the top of each tower has an atrium which of course have gorgeous views.

Companionship Quotas

Don’t get defensive. This is not a criticism. Just an observation.

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The cost of suicide in Japan

Today I found out in Japanese class that when the trains stop, say because of an accident, it costs them on average $50K a minute in lost ticket sales. If it takes 30 minutes to fix that’s $1.5 million dollars.

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