Air conditioning

What is it about trains, malls and department stores that they can’t set the damn thermostat in Spring and Fall and on any day that’s out of the ordinary.

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Nintendo’s Big Gamble

So after playing Mario Advanced for another 20 minutes I figured out what Nintendo is thinking I think. :-) They are counting on the fact that Mario 2 is from 1988 and that therefore almost none of their main audience, boys 8 to 14, have ever played Mario 2. It’s not a bad idea I suppose. It’s one of the best jump and bounce side scrollers. The biggest problem I see is the press has played it before so it may get bad reviews.

They added a bunch of digitized voiced to the characters too. They are pretty poor. They are all in English so I’m assuming they are not going to change them for their target audience but some of them are pretty awful.

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I can hear … sometimes

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Snow in Toyama

Ramen no Tsukurikata

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Mr Donavan, I gotta go!

If you got that reference write me and tell me where it’s from. 😎

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Playa Del Rey

Using Emoticons

Danny added the ability to put in emoticons :-) :-( 😀 :-p for example into comments.  Here’s what to type to use them.

To make this Type this
    :-) \:-)
    😀 \:-D  or  \:-d 
    :-O \:-O 
    😛 \:-P
    :-Q \:-Q
    😎 \8-)
    😉 \;-) 
    :-( \:-(
    :-S \:-S  or  \:-s
    😐 \:-|
    (Y) \(Y)  or  \(y)
    (N) \(N)  or  \(n)
    (L) \(L)  or  \(l)
    (U) \(U)  or  \(u)
    (K) \(K)  or  \(k)
    (G) \(G)  or  \(g)
    (F) \(F)  or  \(f)
    (X) \(X)  or  \(x)
    (Z) \(Z)  or  \(z)
    (P) \(P)  or  \(p)
    (B) \(B)  or  \(b)
    (D) \(D)  or  \(d)
    (T) \(T)  or  \(t)
    (@) \(@)
    (C) \(C)  or  \(c)
    (I) \(I)  or  \(i)
    (H) \(H)  or  \(h)
    (S) \(S)  or  \(s)
    (*) \(*)
    (8) \(8)
    (E) \(E)  or  \(e)
    (M) \(M)  or  \(m)
    :-[ \:-[

RC Construction Equipment

I’m watching this program on radio controlled stuff and they are showing all very large construction machinery that is radio controlled. The had a lady controller pooring wine with a wine bottle tied to the end of a large crane. Way cool.

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Kaiten Sushi PArty!!!

No, this is not going with a bunch of friends to a Kaiten Sushi store.

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