Central Market L.A.

Poi Balls

Well I always knew it but my sister was way way ahead of her time. I suspect that nobody in the rave world knows what poiballs are but it’s a new thing in rave dancing. Swinging balls around on strings. Click for video in Harajuku.

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Bloatware Rules!!!

For all you guys that think Word or Outlook or Excel is too big or Mozilla or IE etc. Take a look at this article on Joel on Software

It’s the Anti-Jacob Neilson site

If you have a thick pipe (a fast connection) check out

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Boston Buildings

I’m Wired!!!

Well even though they told me yesterday that I wouldn’t be wired for 2 more weeks I got e-mail today that said to check my DSL modem, the little *OK* like should be on and it should be working.

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Pictures of NTT DoCoMo FOMA phones

Well I guess there was some communications trade show, CeBIT, and NTT DoCoMo was there showing off their new FOMA phones. You can see pictures of some of them here. W-CDMA and Bluetooth.

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128meg Memorysticks

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I think I passed

So my finals were today. I think I did okay. I’m not 100% sure I passed. You have to get 80% or better but I think I did okay. I’ll find out Monday. The listening part was not very hard.

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Playstation 2 Browser

Today I saw a video showing off the first(?) PS2 web browser. No idea on the details. It’s not by Sony and you’d think that Sony would want to control that as much as possible.

I couldn’t find pictures of the modem online but it basically looked like a sqaure cigar with a short cable to plug into a USB port and a RJ-?? socket on the opposite end.

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