MS Densha De Go!

For those of you that don’t know what Densha De Go! is it’s a Japanese train simulation game. The point being you drive a train. It was hugely popular here in Japan. That’s probably because trains are such a huge part of Japanese life. Well, Microsoft Japan is now taking on the king with Microsoft Train Simulator.

I’ve never played any of them. I assume that the hard part is keeping to the schedule and attempting to stop the train correctly at the platform without missing the platform and without making all the passengers fall over. Certainly you don’t have to steer the train.


No can do!

Well, I tried to get talk Sega into giving me a part time job. I need more Japanese practice and my idea was that I could work with my friends (making it easy to talk) and I could go to dinner with them after work, time to talk. Money was not an issue, minimum wage would be fine since my point is to get Japanese practice. I was thinking there’s got to be something I can do for them. Write some tools. Update their webpage. Make effects.


Icon Ideas Needed

I need ideas for icons. I’d like more options so for example I’d any ideas for icons that represent “cool”. Right now that icon is the thumbs up hand on my site. Another one is food. I could of course just use different kinds of food but should it be one icon with 3 or 4 vegies or should I have different ones and pick them at random? (an apple, an orange, some grapes, etc and) :-s


So I passed. I got 90.5% on the grammer test. 86% on Kanji, 88% on listening (that’s missing one question of 9). I only got 32 of 50 on conversation but I’m not too concerned with that. It’s a very subjective grade and it’s very hard to speak at the level I’m supposed to be at while I’m nervously being interviewed/tested by the teacher (and even when I’m not).


Life for Women in Japan

I found this story while looking for news on the quake I didn’t know about that happened in Hiroshima a few days ago.

I never know how much to read into these kinds of stories. Although this story is true, the question is is it the norm. My impression is that in this area Japan is in the late 1970s when compared to the U.S.