Gmail sucks! Yahoo rules!

I know I’m going to get flamed but damit, I don’t get the love for gmail.

I’ve been using the new Yahoo for a year or so now and I didn’t see the point to gmail but…… has one thing which it does that Yahoo currently doesn’t AKAIK. Gmail has the option to correctly send Japanese mail in a Japanese encoding (ISO-2022-JP) instead of Unicode (UTF-8).

This means to many Japanese friends, if I send Japanese email from Yahoo they get garbage were as if I do it from gmail it works.

So,……..yesterday I tried switching to Gmail and so far…..YUCK!!!!

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Gifts for older Video Game Fans

I wish I had found Etsy before Christmas

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The Moist Towelettes

My friend Dave and his friends Emi, Yuko and Mike have a new band, the Moist Towelettes. They kind of sound like Puffy AmiYumi. Check’em out.

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Hotel Design

Just some random thoughts here but I was visiting the USA early last month and I noticed some issues with the places I stayed. Maybe because I’ve been reading so many software design articles they stuck out as poor design.
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Tokyo Trains

If you are coming to Tokyo or if you are newly living in Tokyo here's a few tips for dealing with the trains and subway in here.

One of the biggest issues is there are about 10 different train companies in Tokyo. Off the top of my head, JR (Japan Rail), Eidan, Toei, Keio, Odakyu, Keikyu, Seibu, Tokyu, are all different train companies.

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Buying a Notebook

This is just a rant but damit, why are the prices for notebooks so varied?

I’ve been wanting a notebook computer lately and have been looking and it’s so frustrating because there are so many tradeoffs. Go for lightweight and then settle for a small screen? Go for cheap and therefore no power? Decide I just want to browse the net and read email and therefore don’t need the graphic speed or decide I might want to program at a cafe and therefore need the graphic acceleration. And so it goes back and forth, back and forth.

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I’m Gregg. I get called Greggman, G-Man, GT and I’m sure other things too.

Currently I’m working for a company called "Naughty Dog" which makes me "one of the dogs" ;-) Naughty Dog made the Crash Bandicoot series of games for the Sony Playstation which to date has sold more than 20 million copies world-wide.

My biggest interest right now is learning Japanese. I lived in Japan for 9 months in 1998/1999 but I came back for the job here at Naughty Dog. Sometime I think I’d like to return to Japan. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

I’m a video game programmer. I’ve been doing since I was in 8th grade. Of course back then it was just a hobby. In high-school my friends and I wanted to start our own video game company. It took a while but we finally tried it in 1996. It didn’t quite work out as we had hoped. The company is still alive but I’m on to other things. I hope someday to try it again.


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Dating Info

Old Movies

Recently I got into watching a bunch of old movies. I think probably because there haven’t really been any current movies I wanted to see. So I checked the IMDB top 250 and picked a few oldies thinking if they are still popular this many years later maybe they are worth checking out.

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The Ultimate Birthday Party

Just Amazing. My friend Yukari convinced our female friends to all go out and get Chinese dresses and wear them as a surprise for my birthday party. OMG!
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HK Rocks!

Hong Kong totally rocked! If you want to see pictures of Hong Kong check out my last trip. Although I thought HK was an awesome city last time I didn’t have such a great time being alone.
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