• swissmiss
    roppongi hills

    The prices in Tokyo for rent are astronomical, even for the tiniest “rabbit hutch”.  That of course is a given being the most expensive place to live in the world!

    But I had a chance to see Roppongi Hills this summer, and as huge, and awe inspiring as it may be (a huge spot of prime real estate in downtown Tokyo).  It felt like disney land..!   So artificial..   and too groomed..   I can’t say if I had enough money to live there, whether I would or not.

    Even the stores didn’t interest me..  it’s all stuff for the TV station there TV Asahi was it?  I can see them make weekly shows about the crazy expensive furniture and stuff..   perhaps bring Michael Jackson or something for shopping, and new guests every week..

  • BokehDokey

    I don’t think I make enough to pay for one month’s rent in a year.

    Just goes to show you something about rich people. I don’t know what, but it just goes to show you.

    I’d like to think that if I were that wealthy I wouldn’t waste my money on such an apartment, but you never know.

  • globulous
    More like … “Mori Dying”

    Isn’t there supposed to be some kind of recession in here? Seems like it’s best to sell one’s soul to afford the privelage to live in this white tower.

    “The new luxury you can only rent” – Hmm … here’s my translation: “If you got tons of cash to waste, why bother investing it in your own home. Be a sucker and rent from us.” Maybe it’s for the rich travelers amongst us. :-/

    I’ll pass … At least the rent on my rabbit hole leaves me enough to buy food.

  • nobody rents

    nobody living in a Mori building pays rent, their companies pay it for them.

  • sluggo
    A disaster waiting to happen…

    Saw this the other night on the Discovery Channel http://media.dsc.discovery.com/convergence/engineering/skycity/interactive/interactive.html … I can only hope an eyesore like this can never be built. What’s sad was that when they touched on Roppongi Hills, they showed footage of the previous neighborhood being torn down to make way for it. What a shame.

  • the old neighborhood

    was a pretty bad place according to my Japanese friends.  One of the few places in Tokyo it felt unsafe to walk through.

  • 🙁

    You shouldn’t have made me look!

  • noname

    Yeah, people who work abroad from America get amentias packages where there rent is paid for them(and they can’t use that money for anything else). these are places for executives to live with their families