Miki and Yuki

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Yuki is on the left, Miki is on the right.

My roommate, Yuki, and her friend Miki asked me to put their pictures on the net for
their profiles.

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  • chOOser


  • anon_JaWs
    I ove Japon

    Your so cute girls 😉

  • anon_ShishKBob
    hey that’s my woman
  • greggman
    your woman

    Is here too 😉 And here and here and here. :-p

  • Rafael

    Maneiro este site, gostaria muito de estar la para ver tudo pessoalmente.

  • Ami

    aww! 日本の女の子はとてもかわいい。 私は私が日本語だったことを望む。

  • RyukyuRyu

    I want to meet them.

  • regenbogen
    Suche Tandem Deutsch-Japanisch

    Hallo, ich heiße regenbogen und suche einen Tandem-Partner.

    Viele Grüße


  • Jose
    I need to find my friend

    Please help to find my friend name Yumi Yokotani I did not heard from her for almost 20 years.After we were at Claremore oklahoma.

    Thank You so much