Meguro Kiseichuu Hakubutsukan

ew, yuck!In the city of Meguro in Tokyo there is a place called the Kiseichuu Hakubutsukan or in English.

The Meguro Parasite Museum.

They say this is a place to take your date!  I guess because she screams and squeals and grabs on to you for dear life.  There was some pretty gross stuff there.

Jars and Jars of parasites.  Some of them still inside the animal which they infected. :-q

Going to a place like this and you never want to eat sushi or non-well cooked food again.

an 28 foot tape worm!

In fact they had a 8.8 meter tape worm that was taken out of a human.  They claim it was from eating sushi.  Will I ever be able to eat sushi again?

now that's crabs!If you want to go it’s about a ten minute walk from the Meguro station on Yamanote line.  Or you can catch a bus that goes to Ootori Temple which is just down the street.

I should warn you though.  It’s acutally pretty small.  It consists of just 2 floors of a multi story building.  No big signs or entrance.

Even so they claim to have the largest collection of parasites in the world.

It’s free too.

There were a few disturbing pictures.  I’m still debating if I want to post any of them here.  For now you can see a few similar pictures on this site.



  • woodchuck

    (^_^;) after visiting this place, do u find urself eating less sashimi?

    (T_T) さようなら、おおとろ。。。

  • anon_Dicksnap

    Hell ya that looks delicious. () (^.^) ()


  • Nixaluna
    Thats gross

    i shouldn’t be saying nothing because i think i have a tape worm in my body.because i’am too skiny for my age i’am 12 and i only weight 83.I also know this girl who is 15 and she only weights 95.I hope i cant take this nasty thing of me if i have it.If anyone has a ? you can write back to meat this adress 42 E Jacoby st apt#2 norristown p.a 19401.or call me at (610-278-8031.Nixa luna

  • Giant Tapeworms Eat Child?

    I hate sushi.

  • 123herbert99


  • DoctorJohnSmith
    What’s that?

    What are the parasites in teh first and thirs pictures?  The second one is obviously labeled but the others are not.

  • Belgian
    The only Way

    to check if you got a tape worm is to look in your “shit” (sorry): is there 1-inche white strips? Yeah ? There you got a at least 1-meter tape worm…Have a nice day!

  • William

    Tape worm !

    Good to know how they live and die but how do you avoid them? I’ve got tons of them in my back garden and they dont seem to bother the birds much!.


    Mr W Orm of Broughton Place Edinburgh

  • Experiment VII

    Today i swallowed a measuring tape so i could simulate what i actually feels like to have a tape worm inside me.

  • William
    Wr W


    Is that right well… To simulate swallowing a tape measure I simply picked up a large rock!!!

    Well you can tell what happened next!

    It just simply did not measure up..

    W Orm

  • Heart Worming

    Dear Mr W Orm

    i feel you are ridiculing my attempts to get to the ‘bottom’ of this. As i write this message i can tell you that i am in complete discomfort with regards to Experiment VII and will proceed to Experiment VIII as soon as i can remove the base end of the metal tape measure from my rectum. Experiment VI was pretty unsuccessful… the paper tape measure just disintegrated as soon as i swallowed. VIII will have me swallow a plastic version but this time i shall leave a portion hagning out of my mouth for safe measure…

    Simon Tranger

    ps. Did you know that by joining your initial to your surname you spell out the very thing we are discussing… how bizarre!

  • William
    MR W

    I would like to just say that if Mr Tranger is suffering as a result of the metal right angled steel hook at the bottom of the tape measure, he ought to use a foldaway joiners rule which displays none of these anul recking snagging bits. furthermore they can be swallowed in the same manner as one would simply swallow a sword.

    One word of warning though…If the metal folding hinge is not fully retracted it can smite!


    Any complaints please pass them to

  • Tape Review

    Dear Mr Orm

    ihave been investigating further your comments relatinf to the risks of smitification from folding hinges and thought i might share the following with your good self and other tape enthusiasts:

    Tape measures are often used to give a standardized length for objects which are of an irregular shape. Rulers or meter sticks are used when the things you are measuring are flat or straight.

    The circumference of an object is the distance around it. Since this object does not have a true spherical, or ball, shape, you should measure the circumference of it in two directions. Call one of the measurements the vertical circumference from the “top” to the “bottom”, and call the other measurement the horizontal circumference from one “side” to the other “side”.

    It is important to measure carefully, and record the unit of measurement along with the number you get, because your notes may be used by another scientist in describing or identifying a specimen later on.

    hope this helps you with your research…

    Simon Tranger

  • rianm

    eat LOTS and lOt S of  garlic

  • rianm

    herbal strong teas  such as licorish  and ginseng  among others  in large quantities  helpfully do away with  parasites    especially  while on a fast  … like  ghandi !

  • samanthabayels
    i think i have them?

    well the other day my ass started to itch i just thort ok this is normal but then when it started to tickle inside i thort noooo wots rong with me.

    i had a huge shit on the toilet b4 tht but i didnt look at it and now i have to wait till i shit because i think i have worms. how can u tell if u actually have them without looking at ur shit????


  • Oleg
    Help me

    I have one of them inside me. I don’t know who can help me to get it out of me. I think it 6-7 y.o.


    PA, USA

  • tapeworms

    my little sister use to have an tape worm in her before ,that happened when she was a baby.

  • Christine

    It takes medication such as mebendazole to kill a tapeworm and you will need a prescription to get it. Also flush your system with a lot of water and fiber.Eat pumpkin seeds, garlic, tomatoes and onions and avoid sugary foods such as candy or cake. Be diligent in your efforts for at least a week, even after completing your medication. And remember to keep your intestines clean,eat as healthy a diet as possible and never allow yourself to become constipated, parasites love that.

  • adm2482e


  • chingchang

    i dont think i am ever eating sushie again


  • my bum

    tape worms are big. And they come out of Matty`s bum. And Matty loves to eat there willy

  • ivy cute

    if u have a tape worm prepare to die

  • a person

    Oh my god… This scared me… When I was 12 I only weighed 74 pounds … If I have a tape worm… I’m pissed…

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