More Kiwa / tantan-men goodness!

I found this place completely by random luck. I was going to a club called 香 (kou) in Nishi-Azabu and I decided to walk there from work.

From where I work it's a 15 minute talk to Roppongi and from Roppongi it's about a 10 minute walk to Nishi Azabu.

I like to try different paths so as I was approaching Roppongi Crossing I decided to cut into some smaller street and try to work my way across the back streets to my destination.

As I was walking through I found this place. I could see the sign in front said "east river tantan-man" so I took the picture above to remind myself to go check it out.

When I did I found out it too is another Kiwa Group store like Wan-Zu-Ji. In fact it has a very very similar menu. It's actually got a bigger menu and I'm not sure there is anything on the Wan-Zhu-Ji menu that is not also available here.

Being a tantan-men freak I tried their tantan-men and it tasted substantially similar to Wan-Zhu-Ji's which means it was delicious! Several other things like the Pitan-doufu (Chinese 1000 year old black eggs and tofu) were pretty close to the same as well.

On the other hand I was disappointed with the annin-dofu. It wasn't bad, it was fluffier than most places but it was not even close to a match for the heavenly annin dofu at Wan-Zu-Ji. On top if which their buta-bara-raman was actually pretty bad.

Still, if I need my tantan-men fix it's another good place to go.

  • Leo

    I’d love to do a culinary tour of Tokyo and Japan. Too bad I can’t find work in the tech center here in California.

  • pat

    How was it riding out the quakes?

  • jun
    down the street…

    there’s another ramen place called Go-gyou. It doesn’t have tantan-men, but its kogashi-shouyu is great.

    btw, there’s a manrikiya near azabu-jyuban as well as wan-zu-ji.

  • MrSingh

    and there’s Zundoya which isn’t too far away (pretty close to Pizzakaya).


    but yes, gogyou is good stuff, love the kogashi shouyu.

  • wulong
    chugoku ryori

    Man, with all this obsession with Chinese food, it seems you’ve landed in the wrong country 😉