Making Bread in a Rice Cooker

I saw this program on TV where they were showing that you could make bread in a modern rice cooker. Just mix the ingredients, poor in and push the button. If I understood it correctly, the reason is works so well is that most modern Japanese rice cookers have a little computer that keeps the temperature at a constant 105 to 110 degress celsius, or about 220 to 230 fahrenheit.

According to the program that’s better for some kinds of bread than making it in an oven because an oven usually has to be hotter to get to the inside but the rice cooker keeps the whole thing at around those temperatures so the bread comes out prefect even along the edges.

To bad I didn’t bring my rice cooker.

  • greggman
    Modern Rice Cooker

    This is NOT a modern rice cooker. It's got no computer to make sure no part of the rice gets too hot or doesn't get burnt etc.

    This is a modern rice cooker. You can also choose the consistancy of the rice you want. Sticky, not-sticky, soft, hard. You can even choose to cook it into mush (ie, porridge). The lid mostly seals and it will keep the rice warm for hours for you. My roommates used to leave it in mine for easily 8 to 12 hours. And, it cooks fast. 20 minutes and you have rice.

    While I'm at it another appliance that's common in Japan is a near boiling hot water heater like this

    My old roommates had one. You poor in some water, it automatically figures out you added some water and it boils it to get rid of any chlorine then it keeps it just below boiling. This is important for things like tea and of course instant soups of which there are zillions in Japan so having instant hot water is more important here. Most families have one and there is one in every convenience store.

  • doraemon
    Rice Cooker

    Those new rice cookers are better than the old ones in that they are non-stick and have fast cook mode. The old ones have more rice stuck to them than you can actually eat! You had to soak them for ages before cleaning it.

    The new ones aren't much better but they don't really control the consistency of the rice that well… the amount of water you put in affects it more.

    Also fast mode tends to scorch the rice at the bottom. Porridge it makes is a totally weird consistency too. But for convenience it is all worth it.

  • greggman
    Great rice every time

    My modern rice cooker has never made bad rice for me. Maybe I've just gotten lucky. 😉

  • ApolloKioku

    I have a Zojirushi NS-ZAC18 and it has never failed me. I’ve made everything from sushi rice to wild rice and it’s perfect every time. Recently I tried to make bread – although it took a long time, it also turned out great. I recommend a modern rice cooker for any kitchen, they’re worth it.