Japanese Pizza

click to see larger image.There are two kinds of Japanese Pizza. First there is Okonomiyaki which you can read a little more about here.

The other is "regular" Italian pizza. Or is that American pizza? I don’t know. Anyway, so far, Japanese pizza is the best I’ve had. They start with a pretty standard American style pizza and then add all kinds of stuff not common in America but very delicious. For example here is what’s on some of the pizza’s in this ad.

The first pizza on this add called "Mix-J" has onions, green peppers, salami, bacon, corn and pizza sauce.

#2 is called "German Taste" and has bacon, potato, onion mayonnaise, pizza sauce,

#3 is called "Curry German" and has potato, bacon, tuna, onions, corn and curry sauce.

#4 is called "Meat Gratin" with onions, macaroni, corn, mushrooms, meat sauce, parsley and white sauce.

#5 is "Basil Deluxe" and is made from Basil sauce, tuna, bacon, crushed tomatoes, Italian sausage

#8 is called I think "Downtown Special" and it has cherry shrimp, squid, dried benito, octopus, cabbage, yakisoba and okonomiyaki sauce.

#15 is called "Hot Dog Pizza" and has cabbage, wieners, scrambled eggs and tomato ketchup.

#17 called "Teriyaki Chicken" and has guess what … teriyaki chicken, mayonnaise, cabbage, nori and of course teriyaki sauce.

You’ll have to trust me. This stuff is awesome. Actually many of them would be easy to make here. #2, #4, #5, #15. The tuna (the kind from a can like you’d make a tuna salad sandwich with) and the mayo both really make a big difference.

It shouldn’t seem all that strange either. Anybody who’s been to a California Pizza Kitchen should know that pizza doesn’t have to just be cheese and pepperoni.

  • greggman
    Mmmm Mmmm Good


  • Corn on pizza

    My boyfriend was horribly offended by the thought of corn on pizza. I mean, what’s the big deal?

  • clearly

    you should dump your boyfriend :-p

    I know lots of people who complain about corn on pizza.  For me, coming from California where we have California Pizza Kitchen I can pretty much take anything on pizza. 🙂

  • Rick
    “Pizza California”

    Do they have this chain outside of Kyushu? It’s got the wierdest menu I’ve ever seen. Not one of their specialty pizzas is anything like what I saw for delivery pizza in California. Good stuff, but very very different. I like their white-sauce, corn, and potato pizza.

    One thing I miss is a good zesty pizza sauce. For some reason all delivery pizza sauce is really sweet, like catsup. My theory is that in Japan, foods that should be sweet are not (wagashi being the prime example) and foods that should not be sweet, are. Try some tamagoyaki sometime and see if you agree.

    As for “what kinds of pizza” you can get here, if you go to an Italian restaurant you can get Italian-style (thin, chewy crust) pizza, or if you order delivery you can get American-style. I’m always craving a good deep-dish…

  • caspery
    Squid/corn pizza

    I never had one , or saw one when I was in Kyoto, but I read that squid and corn pizza is one of the most popular combos. I was trying to make one of these at home. Do they use a typical tomato sauce under the toppings?


  • Krystal

    My boyfriend spends every summer in Japan, and he was telling me that the “Idaho Special” is one of the best pizzas he has ever eaten. If you don’t know, the Idaho Special has potatoes, bacon, corn, and mayonnaise on it. I’m sorry, but I just don’t get how the Japanese can eat mayonnaise on pizza. That’s way too strange for me!

  • Maybe you should try it?

    Of course if you just don’t like mayo then I can see why you still wouldn’t like it on pizza but if you don’t mind mayo on your sandwiches maybe you should try it on your pizza.

    Sandwich = bread, meat, cheese, tomatoes, mayo, other.
    Pizza = bread, meat, cheese, tomato sauce, other.

    Another thing Japanese like on their pizza is hot sauce.  Most Japanese Italian restaurants serve pizza and bring you tabasco sauce.  Pizza Hut brings their own green hot sauce.  I don’t think I would have ever thought of putting hot sauce on my pizza but it turns out to be really good!  Try it! 🙂

  • mexican
    Winers on pizza!?!?

    wow it all looks amazing

  • vid
    8 years later and we still aspire to recreate the German Special

    Nice, Thanks for posting the menu.

    I gave mine to my brother.

    We lived in Nara and ordered the German Special from Pizza California all the time. It makes a great Christmas eve dinner!

    Ours looked similar to this German Taste but I don’t remember the bacon. We still make it two or three times a year. Thinking of those delicious dollops of butter, veganese & potato topping just makes me drool.

    We throw corn on it too just for nostalgia. My old Nihongo sensei used to say ‘the Japanese have done to Pizza what we have done to sushi’. Isn’t that the truth. Try to find a ‘California roll’ in Japan… If we could only get an Okonomiya place and a Mos Burger here I’d be a happy camper.

  • alice

    i’ve been eating okenumiyaki all my life….my mom is japanese and we’ve eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner…..i was so excited when i started finding articles about my favorite dish….

  • Perso Nasplit

    So many years ago, but maybe someone still reads this. Does anyone know how to make the Mayo sauce on the teriyaki pizza? I had a few in Japan when I lived there(no cabbage but had mushrooms/onions/corn) and have been craving one for a few weeks.

  • I’m not sure what mayo sauce you’re talking about. Most Japanese use Kewpie Mayo when they’re adding mayo to something. In comes in a squeeze bottle so it can be applied like sauce. I thikn you can find it at most asian supermarkets or you can order it off Amazon

  • Perso Nasplit

    I wish I had paid more attention while there, or asked them. Might try emailing the company. Surprising, but it was delicious.

    I planned on stopping by one of the asian markets nearby today anyways, so will definitely look for that! Thanks.