Internet Cable TV

I just got e-mail from Yahoo Japan that they have started a cable TV over internet service. I know this kind of stuff has been available in for example Singapore and probably Korea, I guess it’s even been avaiable here through Usen but I don’t think Usen has quite the penetration of Yahoo Japan. It will be interesting to see if/when this starts to become a common way to get videos/tv etc. Yahoo Japan’s service doesn’t have enough content to make me want to sign up yet but if they did I might give it a try. They want $80 to sign up and about $20 a month.

  • anon_johntv

    how do you like yahoo’s bb service anyway? i assume you got the 12M deal goin? i’ve been using nifty… been happy with it (no probs at all for net), but they don’t have the bb phone service (or at least I don’t) like yahoo does, which looks reeeeal appealing to me…

    -john tv

  • anon_Foofie
    I really enjoy the whole style of your website.

    I think you put a lot of thought, wit, and details into it and I think reading your writings is probably a semi-decent way for people who want to know more about living in Japan.

    FTTH connections (e.g. NTT’s B-Flets are readily available in Japan and I would think their connection rate is highly superior to any of the DSL providers. The downside seems to be the “setup” fees you have to pay. I wish that FTTH connections were available here in Los Angeles also instead of just San Jose. Softbank is apparently putting a good portion of their financial muscle into YahooBB after selling their stake in Yahoo Japan the other week.

    Although I wish you’d use less tables and more CSS/DIV tags that’s just a personal preference of mine.

  • greggman
    Yahoo BB and CSS

    So far I’ve had no problems with Yahoo BB.  It’s great.  While I’ve never actually seen 12megabits come out of it that could be because most other sites don’t support uploading that fast.  I do often get 300K+ a second downloads from certain sites and once in a while I’ve downloaded 8meg in like 8 seconds.

    The other cool thing about Yahoo BB is they provide optional phone service.  The DSL modem they give you has a phone jack in the back so you just plug a phone in there and make calls through Yahoo BB Phone instead of NTT.

    If you didn’t know it, there are no unmetered local calls in Japan so even calling your next door neighbor costs 8.5 yen(cents) for 3 minutes. Yahoo BB Phone is 7.5 yen(cents) to a non Yahoo BB phone person and free to another Yahoo BB phone user.  For international calls it’s even better.  To the U.S. it’s 2.5 yen a minute!!!

    As for why I don’t use CSS, I tried once and I could never get it to work.  I have yet to see a four column layout in CSS that actually works.  Tables don’t mess up but CSS does.  Try going to Wired and sizing your window to like 400 pixels wide and watch it mess up.  Other sites like Alistapart do things I don’t want.  For example if you size them too small the menus jump to the bottom of the page.  Yuck!

    If someone can figure out how to get my site to actually work in CSS, send me the CSS and I’ll put it in 🙂  The front page needs 4 columns.  Columns 1, 3 and 4 need to be a fixed size but adjust if the content happens to be too big.  Column 2 should be variable.  The very top image should be the same size as the other 4 columns (something which it probably isn’t always even now).