Gundam Furniture

I know there are some crazy Gundam fans out there but do they have to go this far?

Then again, if someone made a full size Giant Robot hand I’d probably think it was the coolest thing ever.

  • Django
    what happened to the interesting salary blog?


  • greggman
    The Blog

    Is still there, it’s just not on the front page.

  • Django

    Thanks. It may not be as exciting as mascot furniture but it is interesting.

    Favorite mascott furniture comes from the days of DR. SLUMP. I had an ex who wouldn’t get rid of her DR. SLUMP pillow because they didn’t make them anymore. It was the only thing she brought back from Japan that was hard to find in America. She brought it EVERYWHERE: to England on our vacation, Canada, etc. A bit Linus-like me thinks. One of her adorable qualities.