Gay Teen Comics

I was on the homepage for Messe Sanoh which is a chain of stores about manga, pc games and video games. In particular I was looking for their Chaos Shop which is a store that carries import video games. I want my own copy of GTA3. The one I played I borrowed from a friend.

But, on their front page I noticed this link to their Boys Love store. It’s one of their stores that specializes in manga about gay teen boys! I’ve been told that that’s actually pretty popular here in Japan mostly with teen girls!?!? I’ve said this before but you really never know what kind of stuff you’ll find in Japan. :-S

If you’re into that stuff knock yourself out. 😉

  • anon_SRL

    With a title like that your traffic is gonna increase (I guess).  Not my thing though. G-man, gifts bought on your wish list at Amazon, do they go to you in Japan?  Is that functionality up-to-date?  I think you deserve a gift, but want to verify it works first.  Is the list up-to-date?



  • greggman

    Yes, My wishlist is up to date and things will get to me here in Japan. 🙂

    As for GTC, I was mostly amazed that they had a specialty store for it.  I’ve known about the genre for a while.  There’s a very large section of that kind of stuff in Mandarake in Shibuya, a large used manga store, and there are always a ton of young girls browsing them.  I’ve never read one but I get the impression that instead of being about sex the guys are portrayed as *loving*, *caring*, *emotional*.  I believe that’s something the most Japanese men are not perceived as so maybe that’s why the girls get into it.  For some reason I think they are even written mostly by women but I don’t remember where I read that.

    Also, although in Japan in real life it’s fairly taboo except for TV stars it’s not nearly as taboo in literature, manga, anime.  As an example, the TV anime series, Sailor Moon, had several gay characters.  This is show that was aimed here in Japan at like 5 to 12 year old girls.  In the first season there were several gay emeny men.  In the 3rd season and on there were two lesbian Sailor Scouts, Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune.  The dialog and voices changed for the American releases so as to make them not gay.  In fact I wouldn’t doubt that’s why they stopped showing them on non-cable channels about halfway through the second season.  Although it was easy to change the dialog for the first season in the second season, just looking at it and it would be pretty clear.

    That GTC store is in Akihabara which is called Electric Town because of all the electronics and computer stores.  It is slowly turning into the porn, adult anime and adult comic capital of Japan.  Every couple of months a game or computer store closes and another port manga shop opens.  I’ve thought about doing a page on it but I haven’t gotten around to it yet.