• kongorilla

    Can you tell if this is officially licensed by the big N? They’ve quashed these things in the past. Too bad, because I’d like something like it, especially if it were close to the size of a real Gameboy cartridge.

    This one looks too big. And I think it says it comes with an 8mg card. Why bother? 90% of the people probably won’t use it, unless they’re into audio books or other low bit-rate content. Better to supply a more useful card, or none at all and pass the savings to the consumer.

    So, it’s going to sell for around $82, and you’re going to have to buy a big compact flash card (assuming you don’t already have an extra one). Don’t you think by November there’ll be smaller, cheaper alternatives? I have to admit the interface can look great on the gameboy. Too bad they don’t show the playback screen.

    And lastly, a cell phone that plays games and mp3s seems better. Nintendo better get in on that.

  • greggman
    Seems pretty silly

    It seemed pretty silly to me but I just thought it was interesting that someone did it. Yes, it’s pretty large. I don’t know if the big N sactioned it or not but they have them in pretty much all the stores in Japan so it’s not quite an underground thing.