FlickrDown has decided to ban Flickrdown. Their position is that Flickrdown can be used to download copyrighted images and is therefore bad. Of course this is ridiculous. Every browser can also be used to download copyrighted images and yet they don’t ban the browsers. Please complain and complain loudly to that Flickrdown should not be banned.

Recently a friend started using Flickr which is a great service.  I personally like to save pictures locally and selecting them one at a time to download was too much of a hassle so I whipped up this program so I could download them more easily.

It's free to use and download.

It requires Microsoft .NET 2.0. If you don’t already have that installed you can download it here


You can download the installer by clicking the link below.

flickrdown 2.43


Version History:

  • 2.43 – 2007/06/24
    • Fixed issue with [*All Photos*]
  • 2.42 – 2007/06/23
    • Integrated latest Flick.NET library which seems to have fixed issues with downloading some images
    • Relaxed naming of files
  • 2.41 – 2007/03/22
    • Fixed source URL change on so images uploaded after 3/1/2007 will download
  • 2.40 – 2006/10/05
    • Added history to search and folder
    • Added support for gif and png originals
    • Added settable download limit
  • 2.30 – 2006/04/09
    • increased limit from 100 to 500 photos per set, tag, etc.
  • 2.20 – 2006/02/04
    • fixed photo links
  • 2.10 – 2005/12/10
    • fixed bad download URL (i hope)
  • 2.00 – 2005/11/23
    • updated to the release version of .NET 2.0
    • added support for tags
    • added support for groups
    • added support for private images
  • 1.30 – 2005/06/26
    • if the user name had a space in it the link to the picture was wrong.
  • 1.20 – 2005/06/18
    • If you didn’t acutally expand the photos (clicking on the name of the set) it would download the “all photos” category. That’s now fixed.
  • 1.10 – 2005/06/05
    • No files are overwritten. If a file of the same name already exists Flickrdown will append "-fd????" where ???? is a number. This allows Flickrdown to download pictures that have the same title to from the same set.
  • 1.00 – 2005/05/02
    • Released
  • Jakob


    The best tool for downloading flickr picture!

    Hope it will be maintained for a long time!

  • lindsay
    text boxes not showing

    Hi, great program!

    However, I had a virus with my Windows XP and reloaded with a backup file from Acronis. Now when I install flickrDown, it doesn’t show any text boxes, so I cannot enter anything! Also, the authenticate button doesn’t do anything, even if I enter the info in the setting. Any idea what the problem is?

    Also, may I suggest adding a history feature, so we can go back to previous groups/searches?


  • K8

    So does anyone know for sure??…If i download Greggman’s program, will it work for the retrieval of my Yahoo! pics/albums that vanished from Yahoo! months ago and are now supposidly in Flickr                        

  • ehaw
    great job!

    it works perfectly for me.


    you rock!

  • hijinks


    My operating system is Xp pro

    I use this fine on my laptop but on my home PC it installs perfectly but after selecting  the pictures to download I get an error in a box saying     An exception occurred during WebClient request.

    I tried installing Microsoft.Net 2.0 again but with the same results.

    Any ideas how I can resolve this problem ?

    Thanks for any assistance

  • Nadia
    Thank you

    Big thank you for this very useful program 🙂



  • I_love_flickrdown
    does flickrdown have continue_downloading_function

    flickrdown is a great tool.

    sometimes my internet connection suddenly become disconnected, but at that moment I am at 85% of the whole downloading. so i have to download from very beginning again in order to get the complete photo set. Does flickrdown have the function of continuing downloading? maybe it has, but I am not aware of.

  • Thank You!

    awesome and thank you. it worked perfectly. just what i have been looking for. you saved me a lot of time and anxiety. bless you!

  • Geneva
    Saying no pictures selected?
    Hi Jake,
    So I downloaded this 3rd party application and I search for my photos by entering my user name and click search for photos.
    The subset that comes up says “all photos” so I check that. There is a link next to it that says “all public photos including those not in a photo set”. Then when I click download a popup comes up that says “no photos selected”.
    Are my photos set to private and this is why its happening? Can you assist me please? How do I make this work?!
  • Thanks!

    I swear I looked for something like this 2-3 months ago and found nothing. I resorted to right-click saving almost 300 photos. I look again today, and I find this! I don’t know how I missed it the first time, but this works great and I’m glad I found it. Thanks a lot!

  • Chris
    Can’t see new sets

    Is there a limit to how many sets you can show? I can not see the two newest sets i’ve added.

  • claire
    I saved the original files, but this is reducing the size

    I always upload the originals to flickr. But this is reducing the size. Help.

  • It always gets the largest size as far as I know.

    Are you sure you your uploader is set to keep the largest size?

    If you go to flickr in your browser, go to one of the images in question, is the original size available?

  • anaonymous

    this thing downloaded exactly 10 pictures out of 300… doesn’t work for shit…

  • Aaron

    I love the program, but it’s hard to use if it stops downloading when there is a problem like, “Flickr API temporarily unavailable” and “Timeout”. It should work through these temporary issues. I see the program is no longer being maintained. Could you open source it so I could make this fix? If not, do people know about another good alternative? Thank you.

  • Jane

    Is there an equivalent version for MAC Os please ?

  • barbara jones


  • Bob

    Will this let me download originals even if they are unavailable? Really would find that useful.

  • JohnnyG

    WONDERFUL APP!!! I owe you a few hours of my life.

    Thanks a 2000lbs


  • Matt

    The api has expired so application will not work

    does anyone know where the api is located so i can try resolve this?

  • Will Von Wizzlepig

    It looks like the API key for Flickrdown has expired.

    Is the source code available?

    This is a great app, it would be a shame to lose it over an expired key.


  • Will Hobart

    You know, people like Barbara Jones make me laugh. They post their precious images on Flickr, in the most public forum of all (probably to stroke their massive egos) and then they pretend that they want their pretty pictures kept private, not used without their permission, blah, blah, blah. If you don’t want your photos in the public domain, don’t post them on Flickr, retard!

  • Flick user

    This was a GOOD decision by Flickr. I support it 100%. What you are doing is unethical and a misuse of copyrighted material.

  • Next69

    You are right. There is not difference between seeing picture online or offline (downloaded by FlickDown or in the browser cache). The problem if on the usage, depending on the licence on the pictures.
    The problem if the usage, not the tools.

    Thread on the subjet on Flickr:

  • I have not done anything unethical. I have never used Flickrdown to download copyrighted images. I use it for what I wrote it for and that is to download pictures friends take at parties I attended. By having Flickr ban Flickrdown you have prevented people from being able to download even their own pictures. You are the unethical party in this case. You don’t ban phones just because some people can plan crimes on them.

  • Jonathan F.

    Thanks for your great tool (even if I am no more able to use it since I moved to Linux …) !

    @Next69 > I left a comment there. I hope I won’t get banned for that !

  • I found an alternative which works better than FlickrDown, conveniently named Downloadr
    available in a number of languages at

  • If your using firefox its much simpler using Page Info.
    Of course this works only for page by page selection.

  • Tirth

    Hi Greg, I tried using the tool But I always get an error
    “Invalid API Key (Key has expired) (100)” for any operation I do

  • Awesome App! I will probably not renew my Membership with Yahoo’s Flickr in June if I can’t find a solution like Flickr Down.

    How about Open Source the code and we’ll submit our own version.

    Who should we contact at Flickr/Yahoo to complain?

  • It is open source, always has been

  • yzwong

    what an awesome app! i support u! this powerful app should not be banned!

  • sara

    Such a shame to see that Flickr doesn’t support this tool anymore. Been using this for a long time. Was looking for an alternative and came across another tool in the Flickr app garden. It’s called Bulkr Might help if someone’s looking for an alternative.

  • That was a great program you put out there, while Flickr allowed it. I can see some people could abuse it, but there are plenty of other ways to download copyright content – this really was very convenient for backing up pictures in a structured way with meaningful names. Flickr can be so heavy-handed at times, or maybe they are just too cautious of the legal consequences.

  • Oh, yes, I forgot to thank you, too, for your time, effort and the quality of the offering.

  • bettylion

    I am SO SAD I found this app too late. I pay for a Pro account at Flickr and I am STEAMED that I cannot batch download MY OWN photos. My hard drive has mysteriously eaten a whole bunch of photos that I need to work on NOW, and the only way to get my own photographs off Flickr is to right click each and every one. Ridiculous. I will not be renewing my account with Flickr unless they either allow Flickrdown again or come up with their own batch tool. Grrrr.

  • Brian

    I miss flickrdown!

  • I can’t believe this was banned! I love this tool … it keeps my marriage sane and allows me to share pics with the extended family easily. Seems like a disclaimer on install would solve this problem. Better yet – Yahoo! should offer something like this for Pro users. I’m still shocked this functionality isn’t rolled directly into the Flickr offering.

  • That is crazy as you say .. Every browser can also be used to download copyrighted images and yet they don’t ban the browsers.

    I have complained 🙂

  • Nita

    Thank you, after my system crashed your program came in ever so handy to allow me to recover all of the images that I had uploaded to my personal Flickr account. After another recent issue with missing images I came to find the application again. To my dismay I read your alert.

    While I can understand the potential for misuse, the banning of Flickrdown has hindered those who used it legitimately and have left other applications like Flickr Downloadr and Bulkr working which utilise the features that people so rabidly wanted banned.

    Pot, Kettle, Black Flickr.

  • Johnc

    Life’s tough when you try to steal others images, isn’t it?. Learn how to use a camera and take some photos of your own, if u can……oh, btw, Im gone from Flickr so you’ll have to steal other people’s work…..jcoplest

  • I never stole any images. Claiming people are using Flickrdown solely for that purpose is like claiming all people who have knives use them to stab people or all people who drive cars use them to rob banks. People can steal your image just fine without Flickrdown. Your logic is so bad I’m surprised you can even figure out how to use a camera.

  • Johnc

    So what else did you use Flickrdown for, then? Its a thieves tool, for lazy people. And even although I can’t code tools that allows people to steal others work, I can use a camera fine, thanks. It’s called being creative – try it, you might get used to it.

  • I wrote flickrdown for one reason. To download pictures that friends took at parties and other events we were at. Each of us would take 15 to 60 pictures and upload them individually to flickr. Rather than manually download each one I wrote flickrdown so I could download them in batch.

    You only have to read the comments below to see that most people use flickrdown to download their own photos.

    Please put your money where your mouth is. Follow the logic of your statements. Get rid of everything you own that could possibly be used for bad. Get rid of your car because those are used to commit crimes. Get rid of your silverware, flatware and kitchen utensils because they can all be used to harm people. Get rid of your water since someone might have used that to drown someone. Get rid of your tools since hammers, wrenches, screwdrivers and other things have been used as weapons.

    Flickrdown is tool. It was written for 100% legit purposes. Just like cars, hammers, water and other things are all meant for legit purposes. You don’t ban a tool just because there is the possibility someone might use it for illegit purposes. You go after the people that do the illegitimate things, not the tools.

  • daGoofer

    why don’t you release the source code for this project so that we could develop our own app like yours.

  • Anonymous

    Looking at other Flickr apps which are allowed to do bulk downloads it seems that having a check box of “Only download Creative Commons images” satisfies the Flickr criteria of doing _something_ about copyrighted images. Would it be a good idea to add such an option and try to get the app authorized again?

  • Greek

    I just did, because you said I couldnt. Now sue me.

  • leesa

    Every Professional Artist or Photographer I know… uses a Mac… Period.

  • theKing

    he he he, This is can be easily fixed by the developer, all he have to do is have the application to check for a copyright information and restrict it from being downloaded. Then he can contact Flickr and ask to approve the new one. 
    That is the reason I created my own app that works much better than flickrdown, 100 times better, where I grab all the links of my own pics and use applications like “Orbit Downloader” to grab all the pics in ease.