Flickdown 2.0

I updated flickrdown for the release version of .NET 2.0 and added support for private images, tags and groups. You can download it here.

  • SerdenEren

    you did very well by coding this program.. i searched the web and i think this is the only way to download your original photo files.. i am a .net programmer, too. i am planning to create a new program where my friends could easily download their photos from my flickr site. so i am curious about the way you programmed this. did u use the .net wrapper for flickr api? i think i saw something like that on the net. is it possible to let the program download the original files with the flickr api?

    thanks a lot!

  • jansolo

    I think FlickrDown is great, the best program but I like you will improve the program so it can download all the picture not till 500, and it will better to add a checkbox every row or column so you can choose mo rapidly the photos to download, 


    Thanks for the contribution

    FlickrDown is great!!! 

  • Conor
    Flickrdown favorites

    Wouldn’t it be handy to be able to do the same thing with someone’s favorites as well?

  • FlickrFan
    Favorites and Photosets

    This is a great and unique utility. Only options missing are the ability to download favorites AND photosets!

  • Tomek

    I’ve just downloaded Flickrdown and tried it out — and it’s awesome! Great job, very handy tool. The “only” thing would be to download own/someone else’s favorities — are you planning to do that as well?



  • PaoloC
    404 not found

    Hi, your tool is the tool I need, no doubt. I downladed it but when I try to connect he generates a 404 error. I’m behind a proxy (configured in the options as, with user&pw) allowing only http traffic.

    Where is the problem?

    Thanks a lot!!


  • PaoloC
    RE: 404 Not Found

    Solved: I found that the problem was in the LAN settings of Internet Explorer: they were set to not use the proxy (I use firefox). I fixed the Internet Explorer LAN setting and everything was right 🙂

    Paolo C.

  • Sky

    Flickr has changed the way they store original photos now… so your program 2.0 is GREAT for the older photos, but no longer works on the newer ones.. 🙁

    Will you be updating a new version?  If anyone can figure this out, everyone is betting on you 🙂

  • Rafa
    Feature request

    It would be nice if you could filter by creative commons images and not creative commons. Anyway it’s a great job. Thanks a lot.

  • anx
    Great job!!

    Thanks a lot!!!

  • Dude, this rocks!

    Thanks, saved me all kinds of time!!!

  • Maruthi
    Not able to Authorize or connect using Flickdown 2.4.3

    I am using flickrDown 2.4.3 for downloading pictures from flickr where my pictures are going to die after this week by flickr. When I try to Authorize it says the remote name could not be resolved – ‘api.flickr.com (9999) –

    I set up the proxy and username /password then I got “Not Found (404)”

    I am behind the firewall and we are using automatic configuration script to connect to the internet.

    Please please help me to connect and get my pictures back 🙁


    Maruthi S

  • I don’t know how to help you except to suggest you use a different computer in a different location like at home instead of work or at a library or internet cafe or ask a friend to download them for you. One that is not behind a firewall etc. It could be any number of things and if you only have a few days to figure out the problem that’s my best suggestion

    well, someone posted this on the flickrdown main page.

    “unable to connect to remote server (9999)”
    I see people are getting this error.
    I got the same until I told my firewall to allow flickdown internet access.
  • anhduong
    Photo quality


    It is a very good and useful program that helps me to save many times to download pictures on Flickr.

    By the way, can we choose the photo size to download ? (Original, Large, Medium, Small, …)

    Thank you very much


  • Ra
    Super great!!!

    It’s awesome! Great job, super handy tool.

    I’ve just downloaded Flickrdown and it’s super-duper 😀

  • stevenc_in_NYC
    FlickrDown is great (and much easier/faster/smoother than FlickrAide)

    I lost a few hundred edits of photos when my internal HD died (I’d backed up the originals but hadn’t done the edits yet).

    It took me a while to find FlickrDown (you should have a Group on Flickr like FlickrAide does–much easier to find them). I found FlickrAide first and spent all this time trying to get it to work (finally, seemed to but just downloaded PHOTO CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE for every shot).

    Yours worked right out of the box. Very intuitive. Fast. Functional.

    Thank you! You have saved me hours of effort. I’m very grateful.


  • Thomas

    Thank you! You saved a ton of my time and made my day too 🙂

  • michael
    slow slow download



       state of the art fast as hell computer and the flickrdown is taking some 55 min.,’ to download 50 pics..


      any help would sure be appreciated..



  • Dale
    Flickrdown rocks

    Just wanted to say THANK YOU! Like many people I used flickr not just to share images but as a backup. After my external usb hard drive crashed and burned I found that there was no easy way to download from flickr. After a couple of tedious hours clicking images one after the other to download them, and making barely a dent, I did a search and immediately found your program. Simplicity itself, and a total life saver, I’m now able to download all my pictures set by set. Fantastic. I can’t think how long it would have taken me to get these without your software, and the fact you’re offering it free of charge is just brilliant. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!

  • fan
    simply amazing

    You have saved me dozens of hours of time today. Do you have a donation link or anything?

  • Camshaft007

    I downloaded it and it just keeps giving me invalid API Key (key has expired 100

  • Jjbbtt

    me too !!! what to do then ?